The Timeline

Why Use a Timeline?

Timelines are traditionally in used in presentations to sequence out milestones based on actual dates. But there are plenty of additional uses for this versatile diagram—everything from project plans to status updates to "next steps" can be communicated using a timeline, even if they're not tied to actual dates. Timelines give audiences confidence that a plan or a process has been thoroughly vetted and is well-articulated.

Timelines in No Time

We automate all of the most time-consuming parts of building a timeline so that you can focus on what you want to say, not how it’s going to look:

Add items seamlessly

No more copying, pasting, and shifting items each time you need to add a new one. Just click the "Add Item" button and we'll take care of the rest.

Forget about formatting

Drag and drop items along the timeline, and we'll automatically move your items into the right position. Or distribute them evenly with the click of a button.

Add Icons Instantly

Choose from our library of hundreds of free icons and we'll add them to your slide—instantly. No need to worry about  formatting, either; we'll do it for you.

Personalized Branding

Every one of our templates can be customized to match your brand aesthetic, or you can choose one of our dozens of beautiful built-in themes.

Automatic Animations

Say goodbye to static slides. Just click "Play" and watch your graphic come to life with a simple, tasteful, and dynamic animation.

Export and Share

Once your graphic is complete you can share it using the Beautiful Slides player or export to PDF, share on social media, or embed it on your own website.