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10 Hacks From Our Designers

Beautiful.AI Team
October 18, 2022
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10 Hacks From Our Designers10 Hacks From Our Designers
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Not all presentations are created equally. If you’re not a professional designer, the presentation process can feel like a burden and it shows. Trying to master the art of charts and graphs alone can be a daunting task for someone lacking design skills. Luckily, presentation softwares— like— make good presentation design more accessible to people of all professional backgrounds. The primary purpose of is to give teams a built-in designer so that they can focus on their story rather than tinkering with font sizes and aligning text boxes. 

We’re known for our Smart Slide templates that handle the technical design details for you. The smart technology puts guardrails in place based on the principles of good design so that it’s nearly impossible to make a mess of your slide. 

Even with the incredible ease of use, we want you to get the most out of So, we asked our expert designers 10 tips you need to know to create your best presentation yet. Here’s what they said.  

10 Tips from our designers

1. Use variations in carousel and photo with text slides to experiment with layouts that focus on your content. Use a carousel for focusing on one item at a time, and switch to photos with text to show multiple elements together in a more visual way

2. Upload light and dark versions of your company logo so that they look good on any slide background, and even over images. 

3. Use the ‘Switch Smart Slide’ function to toggle between different types of Smart Slides and find which layout showcases your content best. 

4. Adjust the hierarchy of steps in a funnel or pyramid by dragging the boxes up or down, and watch everything adapt automatically. In funnel or pyramid slides, you also have the option to play with different visual styles like text, numerical sequence, and icons. 

5. Add videos from the stock library to give your slides more dynamism. You can control the video length, speed, and put it on loop. 

6. Create professional-grade photos with advanced image editing. Use the image filters like Lofi, Inkwell, or Brannan to give your visual assets that extra appeal. You might also want to add additional blur or contrast to create a bigger impact without requiring expensive design softwares. 

7. Switch from bullet style to check style and make it a checklist. You can also break bullet lists into two columns and use the check style to show pros and cons style data. 

8. Make your content look uniform with the auto-fit function which allows you to auto-arrange rows and columns, and try out some of the different table style options. 

9. Use the audio recording feature to add narrative to your slides, or add an audio file when relevant. This is especially helpful for remote meetings, or situations where you can’t present live. 

10. Save your frequently used themes to reuse over and over again. You can easily switch your presentation theme using the ‘Switch Theme’ button in the theme menu to see which looks best with your content. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful is an AI-powered presentation tool that makes it fast and easy for anyone to build clean, modern and professionally designed slides that they can be proud of.