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Make your team presentations look brilliant.

Give teams everything they need to design decks quickly, collaborate remotely, and stay on brand—all under one account.

The secret weapon of teams like:

Give every department a deck designer.

Reveal brilliant ideas from day one. is the deck designer so your teammates don’t have to be. Just drop in content and slides adapt in real-time. No design skills needed. Now every team–from marketing to finance—can layout ideas clearly and tell stories beautifully.

Keep everybody on brand.

Lock in the right logo and brand elements across your organization. Shared Slides and Shared Themes give teammates guardrails to stay visually consistent from pitch to pitch. Control who can create templates—and who can access sensitive slides.

Keep everything in one place.

Go from scattered slides to a single, searchable library. With one time design, simply create a slide once, tag it, and teams can use it infinitely. Now the right slide is right in your presentation maker, so everyone can create applause-worthy decks.

Nail remote collaboration.

Sync up and get sign off in real-time, right from your browser. Our advanced collaboration tools let you invite people–inside or outside your team—with one click. And forget versioning issues. Everything’s on the cloud, so everyone’s always working on the same slide and deck.  

Keep every slide up to date.

The moment new data comes in, push it to multiple decks. With a single click, you can update old reports and save coworkers hours of editing every week. Give edit control to team leaders so they can ensure info stays accurate across all presentations, always.

Scale work confidently.

Create all the beautiful presentations your organization needs: remotely, securely, without putting other work on hold. We centralized everything from branding to billing, so you can scale beautifully.

Successfully onboard your team.

Get our how-to guides and help your whole team work collaboratively in helps us quickly create clear and compelling presentations to share our strategy and results. It has been easy to integrate our branding and to pull from the library of materials created by others — building a cohesive and collaborative suite that helps us advance our mission.

Maggie Kuhl
Vice President, Research Engagement, Michael J. Fox Foundation increased our efficiency. I mean, 50% sounds crazy, but it's pretty accurate when you consider all of the manual stuff that we used to have to do that now does for us.

Tommy Horlacher
Head of Creative Services, Cybrary

What you guys have created is a foolproof way to ensure quality presentations.
It's almost just like they have a graphic designer over their shoulder while they're creating their decks.

Ryan Hill
Marketing Manager, Bluetree Network

Every success we’ve had is tied to because once I created a presentation in the platform, I never looked back.

Ian Ryu
Senior Associate, FedTech

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Team Trial work?

Once you sign up, you will have the option to try our Team features for 14 days before purchasing. A credit card is required for the 14-day trial. During your trial, you will be able to create unlimited slides with full access to all Team features including Shared Theme, Shared Slides, and Teams. After your trial expires, your credit card on file will be charged automatically unless you cancel your Team subscription before the 14 days are up. Your billing cycle will begin at the end of your trial.

How is this different from Pro?

Team offers a greater way of collaborating on presentations along with better sharing and branding controls, team member permissions, and one-click sharing. With Team, you’ll have a shared slide library where you can update the content on a single slide and the shared slide will update in real-time across all of your presentations.

Is there a Team user minimum? 

Yes, you will need to purchase at least one Team seat.

I have my own individual Pro subscription, will I need a Team subscription? 

Your Pro status does not transfer between workspaces. If you have an individual Pro subscription, you will also need a Team seat in your organization's workspace. 

What do I do if I have more questions?

Visit our Team Help Center or contact our Sales team at

If you have more questions, or need to get in touch, please email

Successfully onboard your team.

We make it easy to get up and running on day one.