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10 Templates for Social Media Marketing

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February 3, 2023
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10 Templates for Social Media Marketing10 Templates for Social Media Marketing
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Social media marketing is important for companies to generate brand awareness, build relatability, and establish credibility. From organic posts and paid ads, to influencer partnerships, there are a lot of moving parts that play a role in an overarching social media marketing plan. With new social media platforms popping up every year, marketers have to keep their finger on the pulse of industry trends. So how does a social media manager stay organized with new ideas while managing deliverables and deadlines? 

These 10 templates are key for taking your brand’s social media to the next level. 

Marketing campaign plan

The purpose of a marketing campaign plan is to identify relevant, integrated, marketing activities and channels to reach campaign objectives as well as influence customers. Because marketing campaigns are a complex, multifaceted project, you need a marketing campaign plan template to keep everything organized. Our template helps you break down your marketing campaign from beginning to end. Share your campaign’s target audience and goals, social media and email marketing plans, performance metrics and measurements of success, and much more.

Use our marketing campaign plan template to keep all marketing strategy participants on the same page, get stakeholders up to speed, or present campaign ideas to executives.

Social media audit

A social media audit is the process of taking inventory of your social media channels, and analyzing metrics to figure out what’s working or how you can unlock new opportunities. Marketing teams can improve the overall success of their social media efforts— reach, engagement, and growth— by customizing’s social media audit presentation

The template has everything you need to lead a successful analysis with key stakeholders to better fine-tune your social media strategy. A successful social media audit presentation can help marketing teams display important metrics in a more digestible format. 

Our social media audit template can also help you measure growth over time, explore which social media posts are getting the most engagement, and act as an exercise to fine-tune your overarching social media strategy.

Competitive analysis report

The better you understand your competitors, the better chance you have of standing out against them. How do you evaluate your competitors? By using a competitive analysis report.

A competitive analysis report template can help you identify competitors in your field, as well as analyze their reach, products or services, areas of operation, online presence, and more. Once you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can create strategies that help you bridge the gaps.

Use our competitive analysis report template to analyze your organization’s target market, compare your products or services against competitors, or create future strategies to build stronger market share.

Social media strategy

Your social media strategy has many moving parts: background research, campaign goals, task lists, deliverables, and more. That’s why your social media strategy presentation has to be comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand.

A customizable, intuitive social media strategy deck template can relieve some of the stress of building your own presentation, allowing you to focus on sharing important information with your social media team. 

Use a social media strategy presentation template to present research, goals, and strategies to executives, keep social media team members informed, and check in on social media campaign progress and deliverables.

Content marketing plan

Putting all your content marketing skills and resources together in one comprehensive presentation isn’t easy. You need a content marketing plan to create, plan, and organize your content to help your company reach its goals. This will provide context for your marketing campaigns, outline objectives, schedule content, and hold everyone accountable.

To communicate your marketing plan with others, whether it’s your colleagues or managers or prospective clients, you'll need a content marketing plan template to build a framework for your presentation.

Use our content marketing plan template to set metrics to track the success of marketing campaigns, keep stakeholders informed, or explain next steps for team members involved.

Influencer marketing proposal

Influencer marketing can help boost your brand’s online visibility, connect and engage with new audiences, and build trust with customers. By choosing the best influencers for your industry or target audience, you can drive traffic to your site and increase customer exposure to your products and services.

There are many benefits to influencer marketing, but it can be a complicated strategy with many moving parts. An influencer marketing proposal template can help you set up your marketing campaign, manage it, and present it to stakeholders.

Use’s influencer marketing proposal template to outline and explain your campaign goals, objectives, and target audience, execute an influencer marketing campaign with your team, and stay on track with budget, deliverables, and deadlines.

Mood board 

Mood boards are commonly used to convey ideas or source inspiration for a new project or business venture.’s mood board presentation template allows you to organize your ideas and keep your inspiration in one concise deck to share with your team or external partners. 

The customizable template has everything you need for a mood board presentation, from background information to colors and photography. 

Our mood board template can also help you add various elements of inspiration to help inform new ideas or designs, have a comprehensive guide to reference throughout the course of the project, or brainstorm and share ideas with the team or other stakeholders.

Marketing communication plan

A marketing communication plan can help your team strategize to reach your target market through various communication efforts. has the presentation template you need to help you simplify your plan and get support from upper-management.  

A marketing communication plan can help you with brand and customer alignment to achieve your business goals. It encompasses your message (what you will say), your medium (the platforms in which you’ll say it), and your audience (who you’re trying to reach). These customizable template slides have all the key elements of a marketing communication plan presentation, including mission statement, business plan, audience personas, and key objectives. 

Our marketing communication plan template can also help you identify market opportunities and audience personas, track progress for campaigns and events, and keep stakeholders informed.

Brand guidelines

Branding is at the forefront of any business strategy, and it’s important to make sure teams are aligned on design standards, voice and tone. has the perfect presentation template to help you stay on brand and visually consistent across all campaigns. 

These customizable template slides have everything you need for a brand guidelines presentation, including brand identity, typography, and color palettes. 

Our brand guidelines template can also help you present company branding to stakeholders, save a comprehensive guide for onboarding and future reference, and share brand assets with the team.

Social media report

A social media report is an essential tool for social media strategists and digital marketers. You’re used to making sense of the numbers and metrics, but you need a way to explain it all in simple terms to other audiences. 

That’s where a social media report template can help. A social media report not only shows how your social media campaigns performed, it shows how that performance relates to bigger company goals, like boosting site traffic or product sales. 

Use our social media report template to track company growth on social media, present findings to your team, management, or clients, or guide future strategies and goals.

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