4 Easy Ways To Simplify Collaboration

Jordan Turner
May 6, 2020
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4 Easy Ways To Simplify Collaboration4 Easy Ways To Simplify Collaboration
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The current work environment is much different than it was six months ago. Many teams are relying on technology to help them connect and communicate. Just because colleagues can’t physically work together in an office, doesn’t mean collaboration is cancelled. In many companies, a business’s success depends on collaboration, so it’s important to keep that avenue open— even from a distance.

With big players like Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox, remote collaboration is possible. Their platforms allow teams to work together, without actually working together. Beautiful.ai wanted to have a part in making collaboration easier, too. While our presentations can help bring structure to virtual meetings, sometimes you need to collaborate with colleagues on the content within a presentation. Without being in the same room it’s important to be able to make edits, add comments, and communicate updates on a shared deck. We get that. So, to help make things more seamless for teams we’ve rolled out a handful of new features that allow for easy collaboration.

Here are the top four ways to make collaborating on presentations quick and easy.

Stay in sync

When you’re working on your presentation, you don’t want any feedback to fall between the cracks. One of our newer features notifies you anytime someone makes edits and comments in your presentation. With comments and notifications you will always be in the know, and on the same page as your colleagues with any updates to your slides. This is especially important when you need help or approval, or are collaborating on a project, but can’t work together in the same room.

Import and export to Dropbox

Pull shared content from Dropbox, or export your presentation to a Dropbox folder. By using Dropbox, you can make sure all of your team’s shared assets are easily accessible in one place. We all know the importance of branding, and that should carry over into your presentations, too. Having your company’s brand colors, custom fonts, and logos readily available is key for creating on-brand presentations. And now you can import them into Beautiful.ai directly from Dropbox.

Staying organized is important when you can’t walk over to your colleagues desk to ask them for a file. The new integration also allows you to export your finished presentations to your Dropbox folders so that it fits in with your current file management system.

Update on the go

Collaborators can all make edits to content in real-time, at the same time. With our cloud-based, secured sharing you can easily add collaborators to your presentation and allow them to work in sync with you to build out the deck. Collaboration is great for creating all-hands meetings, board meetings, or sales proposal decks where multiple stakeholders need to add information. It’s also an easy way to make an edit in real-time while a meeting is happening. There might be a case where you need to make a quick-fix live based on conversations happening in the meeting, and Beautiful.ai makes that possible.

Narrate your slides

Tell your story from home. Now, you can include voice-over to your slides with our new audio recording feature for those times that you can't present in person. Even when you’re not there, you’re able to articulate your story by recording yourself and adding it to a slide. This new feature is great for both internal and external presentations when you can’t physically be there, but still want to present. It can also be useful for providing audio feedback in real-time to other collaborators on the presentation, or noting call-outs on certain slides.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.

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