Perspective is Changing The Future of Presentations— Here's How

Jordan Turner
December 29, 2020
 min read is Changing The Future of Presentations— Here's is Changing The Future of Presentations— Here's How
Table of Contents is the first presentation maker that designs for you.

Historically speaking, presentations are hard. Aligning text boxes, searching the web for the perfect image, and keeping presentations on-brand is a lot for people to master— especially nondesigners. We recognize that presentations have a bad rap, so it has been our mission to change the way the world presents. We make presentations less of a chore, and more of a creative process. is the first presentation maker that designs for you. It’s like having an expert designer in your back pocket. We apply the rules of great design in real-time, with just a click. You can simply add content and sit back and relax as your slides adapt like magic. Sounds easy, right? No more 2 a.m. nights tinkering with slides and making last minute edits. Every choice you make saves you time and leads to great design. It’s the next generation of presentations. 

Here are five ways we’re changing the future of presentations. 

We help you start inspired

There’s nothing worse than having to start a presentation from scratch with little-to-no inspiration. That stops here. We made it easy for you to start your presentations inspired. Smart templates give your team a blueprint for making presentations. The modern ones that your will customers love. We filled with tons of presentations and slide templates for you to choose from, so it's easy to start, finish, and impress in no time.

They don’t call us the best presentation maker for nothing. Our free catalog of pre-built presentations templates are curated by industry experts so there’s something for every team, every story, and everyone. Simply choose a template that speaks to you and plug in your content, we’ll do the rest. 

We’re on the cloud

If you made a last minute update to a PowerPoint you would have to exit out of the presentation and reboot it with the most updated version. Having to relaunch a presentation breaks the story you’re telling and looks unprofessional. With you can edit on the fly. Update data right before (or during) a meeting and your changes will automatically be saved to the cloud and applied to your presentation. This is especially helpful for fixing a typo, adding an additional piece of information, or updating your slide with the most recent data in real time. The best part? No one will know you’re making last minute changes, so you’ll look like the MVP of the meeting. 

We change the way you think

Think outside the box. Our smart slide templates help you to structure your thoughts in a way PowerPoint doesn’t allow. When you remove the stress of design, you can focus on telling your story in a new way. Sure, we have design restraints— but in the best way. We give you the tools and space to make a better, more beautiful presentation when you might otherwise have just given up and settled for a mediocre deck. Instead of thinking "that's good enough," because you're tired and frustrated with wrestling with the tool, challenges your creativity so you can present something you’re truly proud of. Toggle between different layouts and templates without losing your work, so you can see which format best suits your story. 

We prioritize collaboration

We’re here to facilitate collaboration. You can kiss lengthy email chains full of attachments and revisions goodbye. You no longer have to disrupt your work to go ask somebody for approval or where a piece of content is. Talk about a productivity killer. With’s comments and notifications all stakeholders are always up to date and in the know. Anytime an edit is made or a comment is added you’ll be notified both in the product and via email. This allows you to create and edit in real time alongside coworkers.

Imagine if every department had a deck designer. Our new Team Plan makes it easy for any teammate to create stunning presentations remotely, consistently, and all under one account. This is how modern teams are syncing up and signing off faster, from anywhere. It’s the future of collaboration, and it starts here. 

We make more impact, with less effort

Tell a better story in half the time. helps you create meaningful pitches without putting other work on hold. It removes outdated steps that kill efficiency, so you can organize ideas quickly, sync with teams instantly, and engage your clients like never before. Now you can create something brilliant in minutes, not hours. We enable presenters everywhere to make more impact with less effort and save up to 50% design time. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.