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Build The Best Presentation For Your PowerPoint Night and Win With Your Friends and On TikTok

Jordan Turner
July 13, 2021
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Build The Best Presentation For Your PowerPoint Night and Win With Your Friends and On TikTokBuild The Best Presentation For Your PowerPoint Night and Win With Your Friends and On TikTok
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen (or at the very least heard of) the platform taking the internet by storm. TikTok, known for its viral videos, had 62 million downloads in January 2021— a number that we’d be willing to bet is closer to 1 billion now. From life hacks to viral dances, you can find a little bit of everything on the social platform— including presentations.

By now you’ve probably heard of someone hosting a PowerPoint night. If it wasn’t someone that you know personally, it may have been someone on your carefully-curated “for you” feed on TikTok. PowerPoint nights— something that came to life in the midst of the pandemic— are a TikTok trend that involves you and your friends creating funny PowerPoint presentations about rankings, hot takes, dating profiles, or cheeky topics, and presenting them to each other. Of course, if you don’t share it on social media, did it even really happen? PowerPoint nights were trending on TikTok faster than you can say “PowerPoint.” And as such, presentations as a whole were put on the map for something other than work or school (a win for us).

While the activity is coined “PowerPoint night”, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to using PowerPoint to create your presentation. In fact, we may be biased, but a TikTok presentation created in might be more likely to steal the show, impress your friends, and be a hit on your social platform.

Build the best TikTok presentation with these PowerPoint night ideas. 

Leave PowerPoint at home

The first step to creating a killer TikTok presentation to share with your peers? Leave PowerPoint at home (it’s so 2001— or “cheugy” as the kids on TikTok would say). For non-designers, it can be easy to create something ridiculously ugly in PowerPoint. And a sloppy deck can be a total buzz-kill at a PowerPoint night party. Instead, use and create something fresh and modern. With our inspiration gallery of pre-built templates, you’ll have a great jumping off point to create something unique and fun without spending too much time pulling the TikTok presentation together before the party. 

Pick a unique topic

This isn’t like a regular presentation, it’s a cool, TikTok presentation. In other words, it’s okay to be cheeky— you’re amongst friends, not in a conference room with your boss. To build a winning presentation for PowerPoint night, you’ll want a crowd-pleasing topic. Some fun topics could be conspiracy theories, burning questions, pop culture news or drama, dating app contenders, the best [blank] of all time, ranking your favorite things, casting your friends as movie stars, etc. Whatever you choose, it should be lighthearted and fun at its core.

Use eye-catching visuals

Bullet points are for the board room. For PowerPoint night, you should lead with strong visuals to make your presentation pop. Don’t shy away from photos, gifs, or videos to make your TikTok presentation more engaging and party-appropriate. Your friends want to spend the night laughing and poking fun at each other's decks, not reading paragraphs of text. With our free image library, there are hundreds of thousands of visual assets to choose from so there’s something for everyone and every PowerPoint night topic.

The bolder the colors, the better

Normally we’d tell you that less is more, but this is PowerPoint night. It’s okay to do the most with your color palette. Pick bold colors that compliment your PowerPoint night topic. For example, if you’re presenting a compilation of your friends as Disney characters, you might choose primary colors used often by Disney. Similarly, if you’re ranking your favorite fast food restaurants your color palette could reflect the brand colors of your winning restaurant. However you choose to pick your palette, the colors should create a contrast so that your text is legible and bold. 

Have fun with it

Unlike a cookie-cutter class assignment, you can go wild with this TikTok presentation. Think outside the box and have fun with it. Do you want to use funky fonts and untraditional colors? Do it. Are you using a grid of photos for half of your slides? Great. Feel inclined to upload a humorous video or ridiculous audio recording? We love to see it. You have all the liberty and creative freedom to create the best presentation for your PowerPoint night and make it your own. allows you to push the boundaries without creating something totally horrendous looking, so your end deck is TikTok-worthy. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.