Creating Financial Planning Presentations for Customers At Any Financial Literacy Level

Samantha Pratt Lile
March 4, 2021
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Creating Financial Planning Presentations for Customers At Any Financial Literacy LevelCreating Financial Planning Presentations for Customers At Any Financial Literacy Level
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Financial planning may be an important step in establishing a secure future for both individuals and businesses, but it’s not exactly the most exciting topic to present. Even experienced financial professionals can have a rough time trying to present recommendations that clients can not only understand but also fully appreciate.

Why is presenting financial information so challenging? It can be difficult to decide exactly which data to include in the presentation. Audiences can easily become overwhelmed when fed too much data at once, and numbers that don’t make sense can only generate more questions than answers. 

When it comes to financial planning presentations created with PowerPoint or a PowerPoint-alternative presentation design software, you definitely want to focus on the quality of data over quantity of it.  Of course, you also want to ensure your presentation conveys a clear message and not just a series of statistics.

Data visualization is key to presenting a financial plan, but transforming sheets filled with data into digestible visual aids is easier said than done. Even audiences with an elementary understanding of finance can understand the story numbers tell when presented in infographic form.’s presentation templates and smart slide templates make it simple to transfer numerical data into engaging infographics in mere seconds, as well as design a visual presentation with an effective structure.

Are you tasked with creating a financial planning ppt presentation, and you want to effectively communicate your message with customers of any financial literacy level? Check out the following tips on how to design a visual presentation that engages audiences and clearly conveys a financial plan:

Tell a story

Despite presentation designers’ best intentions, financial data tends to put audiences to sleep. Too many numbers become a blur of data, and audiences’ minds will wander anywhere else. By delivering your financial plan by telling a story, you can grab ahold of your audience’s attention and generate excitement for the presented strategies.

  • People respond to storytelling over data. A personal story will almost always make for a stronger presentation. Generating an emotional response will create a connection between the audience and your message. By telling the story of why the data matters to you, you can imprint upon audience members why it also should matter to them.
  • When crafting the story of a finance plan, let one of’s strategically-crafted presentation templates guide you along the slide deck design journey. You don’t have to be a seasoned pro who knows exactly which slides are most effective for your topic and the data you present. Our expert designers have curated templates that will help jump-start presentations on a plethora of topics. Each template is customizable and ready to use, and it can be edited with just a few clicks.
  • Focus on captivating finance topics for presentation of a plan. After all, there are plenty of ways to write the story of a financial plan, and the more interesting the angle, the more effective the message. Particular financial planning presentation topics of interest include Social Security strategies, portfolio risk analysis, tax-efficient retirement, long-term planning and estate planning.

Illustrate the data

No matter their level of expertise, nobody wants to sit through a presentation filled with crowded sheets of numerical data and statistics that just don’t seem to connect. Transforming all those charts and numbers into digestible illustrations is key to designing an effective financial planning ppt presentation.

  • Emphasize data with the strategic use of colors. Selecting a color palette with contrasting hues can highlight the importance of various data sets.

  •  Transform boring charts into lively infographics. A practically endless array of infographic options are available to illustrate the data within your financial plan. offers smart slide templates for all sorts of infographics, including everything from donut, pie and flow charts to Gantt charts, Venn diagrams and process diagrams. Just enter your numerical data and watch the infographic automatically adjust to illustrate the correct statistics.
  • Animate financial planning presentations to capture audience attention and bring the data to life. People are naturally attracted to motion, and animating slides and the transitions between them is a sure way to ensure eyes and thoughts remain focused on the financial plan.

Keep it clear and concise

No matter how skilled at storytelling a presenter might be, any presentation of a financial plan is going to include scads of data. To ensure the story of that data is clearly communicated to the audience, a finance presentation must be designed clearly and concisely.

  • Presentation structure is key when telling the story of a finance plan. If the data isn’t presented in a logical order, even the most vivid infographics won’t deliver the full and proper message. 

Divide your visual presentation into sections, including a clear introduction and conclusion, a section for each subtopic— in the case of financial planning that could be a section for each strategy, for example— and don’t forget to include specific times for questions and feedback. After all, an engaged audience is an interested audience.

  • Clear data ensures the proper message is conveyed. When selecting which data to include in your financial planning presentation, stick with figures that illustrate the clearest conclusions. Don’t waste precious time illustrating data that doesn’t clearly tell the story of the financial plan.
  • Design attractive and uncluttered slides with help from artificial intelligence. Your message will be lost if your visual presentation is cluttered or sloppy. Too much data creates walls of text that are some of the surest ways to put your audience to sleep. 

At the same time, a poorly designed slide conveys an unprofessional message. Clients will trust your message more if the finance presentation is designed professionally. offers a lengthy list of smart slide templates that automatically adjust their design based on the principles of good design each time you add additional content. It’s practically impossible not to design the perfect slide every time.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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