Introducing DesignerBot 2.0 on Product Hunt

Jordan Turner
March 10, 2023
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Introducing DesignerBot 2.0 on Product HuntIntroducing DesignerBot 2.0 on Product Hunt
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Anyone with their finger on the pulse of new technology has likely heard of Product Hunt. The platform is a social-driven forum where people can discover and share new products. When a new product is posted on the forum, it’s listed in a linear format for people to find, engage with, and learn more about. Similar to Reddit, a new post can be commented and voted on to increase community engagement. 

With the recent buzz around artificial intelligence and generative AI in the workplace, there are an abundance of new tools, services and products hitting the market. To help tech-enthusiasts stay in the know, Product Hunt gives teams and companies the opportunity to see what products are out there and identify which would be beneficial to them and their business. 

We’re excited about our AI presentation maker, and we think you will be too. 

We’re launching on Product Hunt

We’re excited to announce new updates to DesignerBot on Product Hunt next week.

Our initial DesignerBot launch was always intended to be a gateway to the future of presentations. DesignerBot makes it easier than ever for non-designers to create a new presentation or single slide from scratch, regardless of the content. Users can opt to create a new deck— or now, an individual slide— with DesignerBot by entering a short description (or prompt) based on what they need. Teams have the liberty to add as many keywords as they see fit to generate a fully built, totally customized draft like magic. Whether you want to get a jumpstart on your entire deck, or just need one slide to round out your story, DesignerBot is a powerful creative partner that designs slides quickly, helps brainstorm ideas and generates text and images in a snap.

In our newest release, DesignerBot uses artificial intelligence to rework your copy so you can craft the perfect message, faster. Think of it as your own personal wordsmith in your backpocket to help you structure your thoughts, adjust your tone, and refine your content. DesignerBot’s newest generative text feature inspires a more impactful message in half the time, so teams can focus on their story instead of worrying about their tone of voice sounding right. In this same release, we also rolled out the ability to support right-to-left text, so more companies, teams, and individuals can take advantage of’s DesignerBot without limitations. 

While we’ve launched on Product Hunt before, we think the Product Hunt community will be excited to see these new, innovative DesignerBot features. Next week we will be promoting our DesignerBot on the Product Hunt website to encourage those in the tech and generative AI space to explore the new functionalities.

Let’s be friends

This is only the beginning for DesignerBot, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to enrich our users’ presentation experience. If you’re reading this, you know and love So, let’s make it official so you can be the first to know what’s coming next. You can keep up with our new product launches— and future DesignerBot updates— by creating a profile on Product Hunt and clicking the follow button on the header of our product page. 

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Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.