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New! Make PowerPoint Beautiful with the Add-In

Jordan Turner
April 18, 2022
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New! Make PowerPoint Beautiful with the Add-InNew! Make PowerPoint Beautiful with the Add-In
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The goal of has always been to handle the weight of the design for you, to make it incredibly simple and easy for you to create beautiful presentations regardless of your design skills. This means providing you with the tools you need to work smarter, not harder. We’re doing the work to integrate with your existing workflows so that you can continue to build and manage the best presentations alongside your other documents or company requirements— like PowerPoint. 

Our newest release makes your PowerPoints 10x more beautiful, without adding time to your design process.

Introducing for PowerPoint

We’re excited to announce the new add-in for PowerPoint. This tool allows you to build slides right in your PowerPoint workflow. This means you get the Smart Slide technology— that takes on the burden of the design for you— without ever having to leave the PowerPoint platform. 

The new add-in incorporates the power of into your PowerPoint workflows. Hundreds of customizable smart slides, locked-in fonts and colors, and an extensive image and media library enable you to create consistently beautiful and on-brand presentations at lightning speed.

It’s PowerPoint, but better

Millions of people have grown to love, but there are still use-cases where team’s workflows bind them to Microsoft’s suite of softwares. For example, you may be working in but your conference requires you to present in PowerPoint. Similarly, external partners or agencies may restrict you to using PowerPoint for client-facing decks. Here’s your solution. Not only does the add-in get more people on your team using, it’s the best of both worlds. Have legacy decks that can’t be transferred? Don’t worry. Need the freedom of some PowerPoint features like hooking charts up to an excel sheet or fitting more on each slide? No problem. It’s the same PowerPoint, but better.

Not a user, not a problem

Some people are PowerPoint enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean their presentation efforts need to be pointless. The new add-in unlocks features made to combat presentation blockers— and the infamous Frankendecks we typically see in PowerPoint. If you’re not familiar with, this gives you a chance to explore all of the great features without compromising your workflow or losing proprietary corporate files in PowerPoint. If you like (or need) to use PowerPoint but aren’t a great designer this is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for. No need to change your workflow –  it’s all right within the PowerPoint platform. 

Get started

To get started, it’s easy. Simply search “” in the PowerPoint add-in market (or click this link) and install the add-in to your software.

Let’s make your PowerPoints more Beautiful;

  1. To enable the add-in, click “Trust this Add-in”
  2. In the add-in you will have the option to “Add slide” which will bring up the interface where you can select a Smart Slide template to begin editing
  3. Build the slide in the add-in pop up, and save it as a JPG or PPT file to your PowerPoint deck

Your slide will automatically appear in your PowerPoint deck, where you then have the option to edit it or create a new slide to round out your presentation. 

If PowerPoint is your best frenemy, try the add-in and level up your presentations. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.