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The 7 Presentation Templates You Need To Wrap Up 2022 And Start 2023 Off Strong

Jordan Turner
December 22, 2022
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The 7 Presentation Templates You Need To Wrap Up 2022 And Start 2023 Off StrongThe 7 Presentation Templates You Need To Wrap Up 2022 And Start 2023 Off Strong
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As 2022 comes to a close, many businesses are scrambling to wrap up the year and plan for 2023. Reports, meetings, and reviews are at the forefront of leaderships’ to-do lists. To make things easier, we rounded up the seven presentation templates that will help you wrap up the year and start 2023 off strong.

Business Plan

A business plan presentation is used to explain how a business will reach its goals and to show value to potential investors and partners.

Using a business plan presentation template, you can look back at what you accomplished in the previous quarters and plan ahead for the new fiscal year. A business plan presentation can be useful for a new product launch in 2023, start-up and small business planning, or providing investors a retrospective or business plan update. 

Throughout your business plan, you might show your audience what types of products or services you provide or plan to provide in the new year, financial targets, current investors, recent upgrades, information on patents and legalities, and other important information.

Team Stand-up

As you wrap up 2022, make your meetings more effective by starting with a template that lets teammates easily track what's going on and how to best optimize processes.

Our team stand up template is a pre-built, customizable presentation optimized for team meetings and collaboration. Your final meetings of the year will run smoothly with an agenda slide, talking points slide, deliverables update slide and more to keep everyone organized and focused. 

Use the team stand up template to keep team members on the same page about what project you’re wrapping up before the end of the year, get stakeholders up to speed on important departmental updates, ensure everyone is on track toward larger 2023 goals or campaigns.

End of Year Review

When the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what worked for your business and what didn’t. A year-end review presentation can help you find solutions for any issues, and implement a strategy for company growth moving forward. Your end of year review presentation is a vital tool for presenting your findings to investors, upper management, or employees during all-hands meetings. 

Use our year-end review presentation template to summarize how the company performed over the past year, set goals for 2023, and outline a strategy to meet those future goals.

All Hands 

An all-hands meeting gathers your entire organization together for a short but effective assembly. These meetings allow separate teams and employees to connect to one another, building a sense of community and boosting morale. You can accomplish a lot if you organize your meeting well.

You might host an all hands meeting during the final week of the year to give any business updates, discuss important information or new processes for 2023, or give teams a chance to share their final projects of the year. 

Use’s all hands template to share departmental and company-wide updates, remind your team of the company’s broader vision and goals leading into the new year, or highlight new team members.

Quarterly Project Update

A quarterly project update can help teams identify objectives and track progress and results for more seamless collaboration.’s quarterly project update presentation template allows you to identify project dependencies and track milestones in one concise deck. 

These customizable slide templates have everything you need for a quarterly project update presentation, which you might give at the end of Q4 to wrap up any final loose ends before the holiday. 

Our quarterly project update template can also help you provide expectations to your team in a clear and concise way so they know what to expect in Q1 of 2023, make cross-departmental collaboration and communication more seamless, highlight any final quarterly wins and plan for upcoming quarters in 2023. 

Budget Review

A budget review presentation is used to review your budget from the previous fiscal year, and keep your finances on track all while scaling your business. Teams can analyze budget allocations from the previous quarter and discuss which departments may require additional resources with the help of’s budget review presentation example.  

Our customizable template has everything you need for a budget review presentation like financial roadmap, outlook and funding. A successful budget review presentation can help businesses and partners— like investors— align on which money is going where for the overall financial health of the company.

Our budget review template can also help you analyze financial resources with key stakeholders, plan out a budget roadmap and outlook for the upcoming year, get investors and board members up to speed on the status of the business as you wrap up 2022.

Year End Employee Review

A year end employee review is a conversation that happens between managers and employees that goes over performance expectations and how well they were executed. The employee review allows leadership to reflect on the previous year with their team in order to help them grow for the overall success of their career and the business. Teams can facilitate these meetings more effectively with’s year end employee review presentation example.  

The customizable template is equipped with everything you need to set performance standards and provide constructive feedback in a clear way. A successful year end employee review presentation opens up communication so that each party is on the same page with their strengths and what might require more effort in 2023. 

Our Year End Employee Review template can also help you get a better understanding of your responsibilities and expectations for your role, communicate concerns or provide feedback to your manager, and position yourself in a favorable way to ask for a raise or promotion next year. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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