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The Best Templates for Onboarding New Clients

Beautiful.AI Team
February 11, 2021
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The Best Templates for Onboarding New ClientsThe Best Templates for Onboarding New Clients
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You’ve closed the deal, now what? Onboarding new clients or external partners can look a lot like onboarding new employees. Setting expectations, and laying out a roadmap for what’s to come, is an important part of the initial process to get everyone up to speed and aligned. Onboarding is a chance for you to establish roles, scope of work, project goals, processes, and give or receive feedback. It helps you outline a communication plan and maintain relationships with each new client. 

Onboarding clients can be done more effectively and efficiently with presentations. By creating an onboarding presentation you can easily educate new clients, define and analyze customer or client habits, and provoke user engagement. It’s important to have a strong onboarding process to establish trust and confidence early on with your new clients. 

Whether you are training or onboarding internal partners or external clients we have the essential pre-built templates you need to jumpstart your program. We’ve rounded up a list of the top four best presentation templates that can be customized to communicate with and onboard your new clients more efficiently. 

Sales Proposal

Sale proposals are used to demonstrate how your business, brand, service or product will positively influence a buyer, partner company, new client, or investor. This template might be used to bring new business in, help close the deal, or define the relationship with a new client. For a sales proposal to be successful it must include a straightforward message, be visually impactful, and show specific stats or data that reference your company’s strengths. 

Operations Plan

Once you secure the deal with a new client, you need a plan to nurture that relationship. Use an operations plan to outline your business strategy, or align on responsibilities and goals. An operations plan presentation keeps all of your team members—internally or externally— on the same page, ensuring that they understand their roles, responsibilities, and how they fit into the overall project. An operations plan is an essential component to your project’s success, and can show new clients what to expect when they choose to adopt your product or service.

New Hire Onboarding

New employee or client onboarding is the process of integrating said newcomer with a company and its culture, as well as getting them the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team. There’s a lot of information to share with new clients such as what the company is all about, how to use the product or service, case study examples, what they can expect from the team and who to work with, contact information, and so much more. With this template, you can create roadmaps for each new client one month to six months out to ensure they’re familiar with the business. A new hire template can be customized to fit your welcome packet and is a great resource for new clients to keep on hand and refer back to over time. 


A good training presentation can provide structure to your onboarding process. Our template is customizable, making it easier than ever to get new clients up to speed on the processes and functions of your product or service. You can use our training template to educate your new clients, provide how-to instructions, or re-engage with them when you release new features or offerings. A good onboarding will include training so that the client is getting the most out of the tools provided to them. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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