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The Ultimate Guide On How Start-ups Can Leverage Presentations To Scale

Samantha Pratt Lile
May 31, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide On How Start-ups Can Leverage Presentations To ScaleThe Ultimate Guide On How Start-ups Can Leverage Presentations To Scale
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So, you nurtured your idea and took the risk to launch your startup. Congratulations. Now the hard work begins. About 90% of startups fail for one reason or another, whether it’s a lack of funding, misunderstanding the market or any number of other possibilities. How can you ensure that your startup avoids disaster and instead achieves growth?

You might be surprised how a simple tool like presentations can be leveraged to scale a startup on multiple fronts. Presentations can be used for more than raising money (although they are certainly an effective tool for pitching investors). A powerful pitch deck also can be used to onboard new hires and even to organize an entire business. The key is knowing how to leverage a presentation for the right reasons.

No matter how humble your beginnings, your startup can leverage presentations to scale its business. Looking for ways to use presentations for growth? The following tips can help:

1. Get organized with business plans

A startup can leverage a business plan presentation not only to help determine how it will reach its goals but also to demonstrate its value to potential investors and partners. The business plan is an essential first step toward a startup’s success since it serves as a strategic blueprint that can be shared with potential partners and investors, as well as other interested parties.

What does it include? An effective business plan will feature an overview of a startup’s goals, its basic strategy, marketing tactics, finances and profitability forecast, among other key information about the business. Founders can instill confidence in their audiences by creating a comprehensive and well-prepared business plan presentation for their startups, but what if they aren’t professional deck designers?

Fortunately, stellar presentation templates like this one from are available to help leverage a business plan for a startup’s success. The fully customizable slide deck can be used to launch a new product or to plan a new startup or small business, and it helps showcase the types of products or services offered, financial targets, current investors, recent upgrades and other important information about the fledgling company. Designing the deck is simple with Just add the details and watch as AI transforms the design, adjusting the layout and finer details any time new content is added based on the professional principles of good design.

2. Onboard new hires

It’s not unusual for a company to spend between half and double a worker’s salary to hire a replacement, so it’s vital that a startup select and retain the best and the brightest. But how do you bring new hires up to speed as effectively and efficiently as possible? Onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the business, and it’s a vital element of the hiring process because it integrates recruits with a startup’s culture, instilling an early sense of loyalty to a still unfamiliar brand.

Onboarding is more than new-hire orientation or an introductory presentation. It can involve multiple processes ranging from the initial job offer to training and tours to a variety of informative presentations. In fact, effective onboarding presentations can equip new hires with the tools and information they need to become a productive member of the startup team. features an onboarding presentation template that startups can leverage to scale their hiring strategy for success. It keeps everything organized, and allows users to create roadmaps for one month and six months to ensure new hires remain on the right path as they start their journey with the startup.

The template not only introduces new hires to the company, but it helps startups run the onboarding process more smoothly and offers opportunities to check in periodically with new employees. Like with our other templates, no advanced design skill is necessary. Just insert your specific content and watch in amazement as artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the design details based on professional principles.

3. Raise money with pitch decks

Getting funding can be one of the greatest challenges for any startup. Investors are key to success, but where do they come from? How do you convince potential investors that your company or product is worthwhile? Almost every successful company started with a pitch, and a powerful slide deck is essential to its success. The pitch deck should introduce the startup’s mission, its business plan and the company’s overview, as well as other important details to impress potential investors.

Unfortunately for many founders, business skills don’t always equal impressive presentation design skills. How do you create a stellar pitch deck with lackluster design experience? features a variety of customizable pitch deck templates that can help any startup tell its story.

Our primary pitch deck template can help secure funds and guide a company’s story. Just add your content and watch as AI automatically adjusts the layout and details based on those all-important professional principles of good design. Since it’s so simple to customize our pitch decks, they can be personalized for every investor, making it simple to leverage pitch presentations to scale your startup for success.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha is an independent journalist, editor, blogger and content manager. Examples of her published work can be found at sites including the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed.