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These 5 Hacks Will Change the Way You Work

Jordan Turner
August 25, 2020
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These 5 Hacks Will Change the Way You WorkThese 5 Hacks Will Change the Way You Work
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The work smarter, not harder mentality is changing the way people work. Finding hacks or easy workarounds that will save time can be the difference between scaling a business and staying stagnant. Afterall, time is money. You spend hours each week in meetings, collaborating, strategizing, and implementing business plans, and responding to emails. The last thing you need to do is waste half of your day building a presentation. Spending just a few hours each week on presentations adds up to hundreds of hours each year. That’s a lot of time tinkering with text boxes that would have been better spent fine-tuning your story. Nobody has time for that. 

People often dread creating presentations because they come with the stigma of being a time-suck. Manually adjusting text boxes, aligning shapes, choosing the right colors, and leaving the program to find quality photos online wastes so much time. It’s no wonder that people cringe at the sight of PowerPoint. That said, is here to change the way you work. We know that your time is valuable, so we simplified the presentation design process. With you can build professional presentations in minutes, not hours, so that you can focus on what’s really important (scaling your business). 

We know that not everyone has a design background, and with the product is the designer. Our pre-built presentation templates give you a jumping off point when you don’t know where to start. Once you have the foundation set our built in tools make it easier to tell your story. From our Smart Slides, to the free image library within the product, the ease of use is unmatched. You’ll never have to dread presentations again. 

Get hundreds of hours back with these five easy hacks that will change the way you work. 

Time-saving templates

Some of the worst presentations are the presentations that you have to start from scratch with little-to-no creative direction from your colleagues or boss. You could spend hours staring at a blank presentation slide with no idea where to start. Until now, of course. has a free catalog of pre-built presentation templates curated by industry experts. There’s a presentation template for every industry, every team, and every story so you never have to worry about starting from scratch again. Simply choose a template and plug in your content. It’s a great place to get your feet wet when you need to spark some inspiration.  

Work smarter with Smart Slides

It’s important that you focus on your story, not the mechanics of building a deck. With our Smart Slide templates you can do just that. Choose from over 60 pre-built Smart Slide templates for everything from number-heavy data to introducing new team members. With our smart technology, the slides use design best practices and auto-adapt as you add in your content. You’ll never have to worry about aligning text boxes, scaling down your bullet points, or centering images again. Our Smart Slides make it nearly impossible to make an ugly slide, so you can create a professional presentation in half the time. 

Collaborate in real-time

Gone are the days of waiting hours for your boss to approve an edit or provide feedback on your presentation. That can put a major pause on your productivity. With’s comments and notifications all stakeholders will always be up to date and in the know. Anytime an edit is made or a comment is added you’ll be notified both in the product and via email. This feature allows you to create and edit in real-time alongside coworkers, so collaboration is instantaneous. You can kiss the lengthy email chains full of attachments and revisions goodbye (you’re welcome). 

Edit on the fly

Imagine this: you’re in a board meeting and a member of the board mentions a specific statistic they’re interested in learning more about. The problem? You hadn’t included it in your presentation. With, you can edit on the fly, before (or during) a meeting and the cloud will automatically save your changes to your presentation. This is especially helpful if you forgot to include something, or want to update numbers in real-time. The best part? No one has to know you’re making last minute changes, so you’ll always look like the MVP. 

Export with ease

Here’s a hack we love: editable export. We understand that sometimes your work ecosystem requires you to present in PowerPoint (no judgement), which is why we enable editable export. You can still cut your design time by up to 75% and create your presentation in, and then export it to PowerPoint to present. Need to make a last minute change? No problem. Our exports are editable, which means you can make any changes to your presentation from within the PowerPoint software. We’re here to make your lives easier, not harder. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.