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Top 10 HR Presentation Templates

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October 20, 2022
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Top 10 HR Presentation TemplatesTop 10 HR Presentation Templates
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Organizations rely on human resources departments to relay important company information to the team. This could be anything from training and onboarding materials, to company compliance and performance management. HR teams act as a resource for employees for anything regarding their compensation, behavior, education, and more. 

Regardless of the information, HR managers can benefit from presentations to help them communicate more effectively. These are the top 10 HR presentation templates your team needs.


A 30-60-90 plan defines a new employee’s responsibilities and goals for the first 90 days after onboarding. It maps out achievable goals tied to their role so that they can be productive and efficient while learning the ins and outs of the job. Teams can set clear expectations more effectively with’s 30-60-90 presentation example.   

A successful 30-60-90 presentation can help leadership and teams lay down the foundation for personal, performance, and learning goals. Our 30-60-90 template can also help you make the transition for a new employee more seamless and empowering, set priorities for the new position so they know where to start, and achieve more success on the team, faster.

Year End Employee Review

A year end employee review is a conversation that happens between managers and employees that goes over performance expectations and how well they were executed. The employee review allows leadership to reflect on the previous year with their team in order to help them grow for the overall success of their career and the business. Teams can facilitate these meetings more effectively with’s year end employee review presentation example.  

Our Year End Employee Review template can also help you get a better understanding of your responsibilities and expectations for your role, communicate concerns or provide feedback to your manager, or position yourself in a favorable way to ask for a raise or promotion. 

Company Culture

Good company culture can be the difference between landing top talent and losing them to the competition. When an employee finds a company that matches their values, they tend to form better relationships with their colleagues in turn making them more motivated and productive. A successful company culture presentation helps you define things like your work environment, values and mission, and expectations of employees, and can help HR managers and teams align on values for a more balanced workplace. 

Our company culture template can help HR managers define company culture standards and guidelines, onboard new hires more efficiently, and host annual or quarterly training as a refresher to existing employees.

Training Presentation

Are you training a team of new recruits to your company? Or delivering a webinar on a topic in your industry to your employees? To pull off a training session, webinar, or coaching session effectively, you’ll need an organized presentation as a visual aid.

A good training presentation can provide structure to your speech and boost your confidence as a presenter. It can also deliver your message efficiently, and stick with your audience long after your presentation is over. Use our training presentation template to present information simply and logically, help on-board new recruits, motivate, inspire, or inform your audience.

Performance Review Presentation

A performance review can help managers and employees align on expectations and set goals so the team as a whole can be more successful. Keep your notes and employee evaluations organized with’s performance review template

Our customizable template has all the performance review basics like communication hits and misses, job performance, and overall feedback. Our performance review template can also help you customize your performance review presentation for different employees, act as a take-away resource that employees can reference throughout the quarter, organize your notes and expectations for future hires.

Employee Handbook

HR managers have a lot to share with new employees during their first week on the job. That’s why you need an employee handbook template for your upcoming presentation. You’ll also need a template that covers it all: the company’s history and values, essential policies, perks and benefits, expected employee behavior, who they can contact for help, and much more. 

A comprehensive employee handbook presentation can help HR teams inform new hires and get them excited to work for the company. Plus, it can be used as a resource that they can come back to again and again.

New Hire Onboarding

New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new hire with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the specific team they’ll be working with. There’s a lot of information for HR managers to share with new hires on their first day and beyond: what the company is all about, what they can expect to do and who to work with, and so much more. Having all of that information conveyed in a template helps to standardize the onboarding process across the organization. Our new hire onboarding template keeps everything organized for you and new employees who are starting their journeys. 

HR teams can use the new hire onboarding template to introduce new hires to the company, help onboarding run more consistently across teams and functions, standardize the knowledge base all new employees will have upon finishing orientation, and check in with new employees periodically. 

HR Benefits Presentation

Our human resources benefits template makes it easy to break down important benefits and perks for your employees. Understanding medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage can be confusing. Figuring out incentives like 401(K) retirement plans can be, too. Lay everything out in one easy-to-read HR benefits presentation.

Use the HR benefits template to explain the open enrollment process, onboard new employees, or to keep on hand as a company resource.

Recruitment Presentation

In a competitive market, recruiters and HR representatives need to attract and lock down top talent for their organization. Your company might provide competitive benefits, high salaries, an engaging company culture, and enticing opportunities for growth, but if you don’t know how to sell those perks, you won’t bring in those candidates. 

A compelling and informative job recruitment presentation can set you apart from your competitors and bring in top quality job candidates who are perfect for your team. Use our recruitment presentation template to highlight your company’s advantages, connect and network with candidates in your industry, and attract high-quality candidates.

Company Overview

Every company has a unique story to tell. However, it can be difficult to put together a beautiful presentation that tells your story effectively and looks great at the same time. Our company overview template is the answer. With this presentation template, you can share your company’s philosophy, specific goals, team members, products or services, plans for the future, and more.

Our company overview template is perfect for organizing annual meetings, potential customer or investor pitches, or new hire orientations. It’s a versatile HR deck that every team should have on hand.

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