Top 10 Productivity Tools in 2023

July 28, 2023
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Top 10 Productivity Tools in 2023Top 10 Productivity Tools in 2023
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Productivity tools refer to software applications, platforms, or technologies designed to enhance efficiency, organization, and effectiveness in completing tasks and achieving goals. These tools will act as an assistant to professionals to help streamline workflows, automate processes, and improve time management. They help teams do more with less resources by taking on the burden of repetitive, tedious tasks. 

Productivity tools can help teams allocate their time to work smarter and increase output. The importance of productivity isn’t lost on us, so we’ve rounded up 10 productivity tools for you to try in 2023.

Communication productivity tools

Tools that help teams write, present, and communicate better.


ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It is designed to engage in conversational interactions with users and provide responses based on the given prompts or inputs. ChatGPT utilizes a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture, which is a state-of-the-art deep learning model known for its ability to generate human-like text.

The primary goal of ChatGPT is to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses that simulate human conversation. It has been trained on a vast amount of text data from the internet, allowing it to grasp a wide range of topics and conversational styles. Teams might use ChatGPT to help craft messages for prospective clients, internal meetings, or external partners. 


Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant and content generator. It is designed to help individuals and teams create various types of content, including blog posts, marketing copy, product descriptions, and more. Think of Jasper AI as your junior copywriter that produces content in seconds for you to tailor and customize based on your needs. Jasper AI uses advanced language models, such as GPT-3, to generate human-like text based on the given prompts and inputs. It can assist in brainstorming ideas, improving writing efficiency, and producing high-quality content. 


Nothing is worse than writer's block, especially when you aren’t great with words. Wordtune is your friend here. It’s an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist users in improving their writing skills. It provides suggestions for alternative phrasing and word choices to enhance clarity, coherence, and impact. By using advanced algorithms, Wordtune analyzes the context of the text and offers real-time recommendations to make the writing more compelling and effective.

Wordtune can be used for various purposes, including business communication, creative writing, on-site content and more. It aims to streamline the writing process and help users produce high-quality content, quicker.

How much time do teams waste on creating a presentation from scratch only to get a sub-par design?’s presentation software gives even the most amateur designers the tools they need to create professional, stunning presentations in half the time. With the Smart Slide templates, users can add their content, and the presentation software automatically adjusts the design, optimizing each slide with the principles of good design in mind. The technology makes presentations more efficient, and unlocks bottlenecks giving teams the time back to allocate to other important projects. 

Because works in the cloud, teams can sync up and get sign off in real-time, right from their browser. Forget lengthy email chains and versioning issues. With the cloud, updates are automatically pushed live so everyone’s always working on the same version of the slide and deck, at the same time.’s DesignerBot gives teams the jumping off point they need to be more productive than ever. Presenters will never have to stare at a blank slide again. The AI-powered technology allows you to describe the presentation you are looking for with a single prompt, and watch as DesignerBot design slides for you, like magic. helps teams brainstorm and execute their ideas from start to finish to streamline the entire presentation design process. 


Communication and collaboration are both huge components of productivity. You’ve likely heard of, or used, Slack. It’s a messaging and collaboration platform designed for teams and organizations to communicate and work together more efficiently. It provides a centralized space where team members can send messages, share files, collaborate on projects, and integrate with various tools and services — like

Slack offers features such as channels, which are dedicated spaces for different topics or projects, direct messaging for one-on-one conversations, file sharing, voice and video calls. It aims to replace email as the primary means of communication within teams, offering real-time and organized conversations.

Work management productivity tools

Tools that help teams organize and manage projects, timelines, and deliverables. is a web and mobile work management platform that aims to enhance operational efficiency for teams and organizations. It provides a customizable interface to track projects, workflows, and collaborations. offers features such as task management, visual data representation, automation, and integration with other work apps. It is designed to streamline project management processes and improve team productivity. 


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects various apps and services to automate repetitive tasks without coding or the need for developers. It allows users to create "Zaps," which are automated workflows that connect different apps and trigger actions based on specific events or conditions. With Zapier, users can integrate and automate processes between over 5,000 web applications, including popular ones like Google Sheets, Slack, Shopify, Trello, and more. The platform offers a range of features and customization options to streamline workflows, save time, and improve productivity. 


As is a web-based work management platform that streamlines workflows, tracks projects, and helps teams collaborate effectively, Asana is a great productivity tool option. It provides a centralized hub for managing tasks, tracking progress, assigning responsibilities, and communicating within teams. Asana offers features such as project organization, task prioritization, deadline tracking, file sharing, and team collaboration tools. It allows users to create and assign tasks, set dependencies, and visualize project timelines and progress through various views and customizable dashboards. It can be used by teams of all sizes and across industries to improve productivity, ensure accountability, and achieve project goals more efficiently.


Notion is a versatile and collaborative workspace platform that allows users to create, organize, and manage various types of content, such as notes, documents, tasks, projects, and more. It provides a centralized hub where individuals and teams can collaborate, share information, and streamline their workflows.

With Notion, teams can customize their workspace to fit their specific needs and preferences. It offers a range of features, including rich text editing, tables, calendars, kanban boards, databases, and integrations with other tools. Notion's flexible structure allows users to create interconnected pages and databases, enabling them to build custom workflows and organize information in a way that makes sense to them and their department.

Time management productivity tools

Tools to help manage time and goals.


One of the biggest productivity blockers is time management. RescueTime is a time management and productivity tool that provides automated time tracking and analytics. It helps individuals and teams understand how they spend their time on various activities, websites, and applications. By tracking and categorizing daily habits, RescueTime offers insights and reports to help users become more aware of their productivity levels and make informed decisions about how to allocate their time more effectively.

With RescueTime, users can set goals, receive alerts for excessive time spent on specific activities or websites, and block distracting websites during focused work periods. It aims to enhance productivity, improve work-life balance, and encourage better time management practices.