Camelot Leverages to Tell Better Stories, Faster

Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media leverages with 100 licenses to tell better stories, faster.

Visual storytelling is at the forefront of modern communication. And nobody understands that like the team at Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media— a marketing and media agency that offers strategies and services to clients across various industries.

Camelot discovered five years ago in an article that teased the vision for the product that would become the platform they know and love today. They joked about having AI take over presentations, and how it would be so amazing to have some of the grunt work automated. The potential of in 2017 was enough to entice them to give it a try. Fast forward to 2022 and the team has grown to over 160 employees with 100 of those adopting into their workflow.

As a marketing and media agency, Camelot is no stranger to presentations. In fact, the team has nearly 1,000 decks in their library, and works on an average of a dozen presentations a week, encompassing everything from external and internal decks, to onboarding and all-hands. Alex Richter, Partner and CMO of Camelot says, “With a distributed, hybrid team you and half a dozen other people with different roles and responsibilities can work in unison on a deck to architect it. And the fluidity that exists with that has been fantastic.”

They have found that the modern design helps to create company culture and a sense of currentness internally, while also giving them an edge over the competition.

Bringing the horsepower of design in half the time

Most businesses today don’t have the resources to assign every presentation to one veteran designer. Alex recognizes that there are people with a greater design aesthetic who are capable of creating presentations from scratch, but it requires a lot of training to get everyone up to speed on outdated presentation software. He adds, “ brings that same kind of horsepower of design, aesthetic, and capability to someone who doesn't have that professional design experience.”

Unlocking certain time-saving features like collaboration, easy data visualization, and a full stock photo and video library right within the platform increases the efficiency of presentation design for the team. Marketing manager, Sarah Patterson, adds that pre-built templates and the drag and drop functionalities of Smart Slides make organizing content a lot more seamless. One of her favorite features is the ability to use existing slides or assets from previous decks and copy them over to a new presentation. 

VP of People & Culture at Camelot, Suzanne Espinosa, says “Using is easily saving me more than 30% of the normal amount of effort I would give in a week to presentations.”

We have more people telling better stories, more compelling stories, because of

Alex Richter, Partner and CMO, Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media

Telling a better story with data visualization at its core has helped Camelot tell a better story, faster. Specifically, storytelling through data visualization charts and graphs is paramount to packaging up their campaign results and customer insights. “We're actually conveying a story of how things should work in media and marketing with the data and having that storytelling capability in is awesome,” Alex explains. It helps the team rethink the delivery of different content and make it more compelling to support their overarching message. 

“One of my favorite features is the tips and innovations that you offer. Some of the innovative ideas encourage you to choose new layouts that you might not have chosen on your own that take your presentation to a more modern look and feel.” Suzanne adds, “I wouldn't make it look that hip and cool on my own. You've literally taken a whole step to making it more ‘today’ and current.”

Alex leaves us with, “We have more people telling better stories, more compelling stories, because of”