CMIT Solutions Solves Their IT Education & Training Needs with

CMIT Solutions solves their marketing bottleneck by using to create education and training presentations.

The tech industry is constantly changing. And to be successful, companies in the space need to adapt with the new technologies. CMIT Solutions— an all-encompassing IT Managed Service & Support company— is no different. From cybersecurity and data backup, to cloud applications and remote work support, the team at CMIT Solutions has their hands in all things technology. In order to communicate technical information and data better, they turn to presentations.

CMIT Solutions, who recently celebrated a 100 million dollars revenue milestone which makes them one of the largest MSPs servicing the SMB market in the US, uses presentations for clients, town hall meetings, training, operations and service delivery. To make that process easier, they have adopted’s smart technology to better tell their stories and increase productivity.

We caught up with CMIT’s CEO, Roger Lewis, to learn more about how their team is leveraging to scale their business. 

Packaging up technical information in a more engaging way

When presenting technical information and data, it’s important to package it up in a digestible way for the audience. At CMIT Solutions, they are communicating everything from IT best practices, to pitching their services to new prospects, and delivering that in a visually appealing way helps them tell their story more effectively. “One of our key responsibilities here at corporate headquarters is training. We have to educate our organization on how to run an IT business and all our presentations are done in,” Roger Lewis explained of CMIT Solutions. 

Education and training is no easy feat. To help bring their data to life, they use animations. “You have seven minutes of engagement time, that’s about the attention span of a human being before you have to re-engage either with a video or a story to bring them back.” Lewis said, “The animations of are awesome. I use it for charts and graphs, and it certainly makes the presentation more engaging.” He also takes advantage of our free image and icon library to add a visual element to more tech-heavy slides.

With 270+ locations and 165 IT franchise owners across the country, we have lots of technical content to deliver, playbooks and company standards are important to maintain across the entire organization. 

In we can create a very high caliber presentation, without dedicating a significant amount of time.

Roger Lewis, CEO, CMIT Solutions

Unlocking the marketing bottleneck with

Previously, a lot of times the weight of presentation design fell on the marketing team, which created a bottleneck that killed efficiency across many departments. For CMIT Solutions, a company creating both external and internal decks, that responsibility fell on their graphic designers. Finding a solution to the marketing bottleneck was one of key reasons for making the switch to Lewis said, “We could free up a lot of marketing hours if we could get teams creating presentations themselves.” In fact, the team at CMIT Solutions saves an estimated 15 hours per month by using for their presentations. 

With they’re able to utilize team slides and create a library of slides the team pulls from when creating presentations.  They have created a standard layout where each individual can update their slides for monthly town halls or internal meetings. Lewis adds, “Company slides like — the vision statement, mission statements, core values, playbooks— We try to create one time and then use them throughout various presentations, that's been pretty effective for us.” Similarly, for client-facing decks CMIT puts design guardrails up, providing their team with a custom theme of colors and fonts so that everything stays visually consistent across the organization. With these templates and themes, non-designers are able to go in and create their own decks without relying on the marketing team. 

Lewis leaves us with, “In we can create a very high caliber presentation, without dedicating a significant amount of time.”