FedTech Masters Content Management and Consistent Branding with Beautiful.ai

The team at FedTech is constantly creating presentations to explain their ideas and communication both internally and externally. Beautiful.ai helps them collaborate better and communicate more efficiently.

Founded in 2015, FedTech saw an opportunity to commercialize the ~$150B/year in federally funded research and development. Since then, FedTech has grown from a respectable startup to a successful international company who now works with fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and forward-thinking government agencies in a number of capacities. For a company interacting with very diverse groups of clients, communication and efficiency are two pillars necessary for their success.

The team at FedTech are no strangers to presentations. In fact, each person is creating 2 to 3 presentations on any given day, with a third of those being public facing presentations. At that rate, changing the way they present has set the foundation for a more fruitful business. We caught up with FedTech Senior Associate, Ian Ryu, to talk about how his team finds success by creating presentations in Beautiful.ai

Effective communication is critical as a scientist

Everything FedTech does has to do with a presentation, and it’s important that their complex ideas are conveyed in the right way. As a scientist, being able to explain things and communicate well is critical. Ian discovered Beautiful.ai through another presenter, and was immediately attracted to its professional design. Ian says, “In our business, everything we do involves a presentation. For our programs, we are always presenting to one audience to another: entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, business professionals, or to all of them in one place. Effective presentations help us coherently deliver our ideas and unify the audience's experience.” Beautiful.ai is guiding the thought process through the Smart Slide templates, and helps guide the story with its intuitive design. It became a really effective communication style for FedTech allowing each team member to communicate through design and quickly get everyone on the same page.

Ian adds, “The Smart Slide templates lay out the possibilities in your thoughts, and then you can see where it fits in the presentation, and find the most effective way of conveying your idea to your audience.”

"I don't think we are using PowerPoint at all these days, so every success is tied back to Beautiful.ai presentations. Once I created a presentation in Beautiful.ai I never looked back."

Ian Ryu, Senior Associate, FedTech.io

Collaboration is more than just creating together

For FedTech, collaboration is more than just working on one presentation in unison. In fact, creating a presentation together is just one part of the bigger picture. The team uses collaboration to sync on ideas and structure their data and thoughts during meetings. Additionally, the collaboration in Beautiful.ai allows them to make an ad hoc change during a presentation while their colleague is presenting. Collaborative presentations make it much easier to make real time edits and have those reflected immediately in the cloud. Being able to update one slide and have it update across all slides removes a step on the back end and helps maintain brand consistency. 

Ian says, “I think those two things, professional design and then the really great collaboration capability were the key points for our preparation. We never looked back on any other presentation platform.”

Seamless sharing is essential

Beyond internal collaboration, Beautiful.ai helps FedTech facilitate internet training and makes it easier to share. “It became our online library, because a lot of our intellectual property is in presentations, and Beautiful.ai is a platform that archives that for us. At the same time we actively utilize the tool to create proposals or create the presentation for the program participants for training,” Ian said. Having seamless sharing makes it easier to organize and track key metrics for information across the company. 

View FedTech's presentation here.

Beautiful.ai scales FedTech.io’s productivity

Everything is based around productivity since efficiency is a key priority at FedTech. “One thing we really strive to focus on is efficiency and reducing wasted time. We want to be efficient about what we do because time is the most valuable asset of all, and without Beautiful.ai, that's not possible from my perspective,” Ian says. He adds that Beautiful.ai’s ease of use, and quality output, saves each person at least one hour per day. 

Can’t live without features

As someone with nearly 400 presentation decks currently in his Beautiful.ai library, Ian is a big advocate for the tool. Ian’s favorite Beauiful.ai features are the; image library because you don’t have to leave the platform for quality visual assets, collaboration for efficiency, the Smart Slide templates that help him organize his thoughts, and the smoothness of dynamic animations. “Beautiful.ai makes me look better than I really am.” Ian says, “We use it for every presentation, literally everything. I don't think we are using PowerPoint at all these days, so every success is tied back to Beautiful.ai presentations. Once I created a presentation in Beautiful.ai I never looked back.”