FORM Creates Sales Collateral 75% Faster in

The team at FORM leverages to create better sales collateral 75% faster.

Any business knows that time is money. And in SaaS, efficiency is a top priority—especially when it comes to creating beautiful Marketing and Sales materials for the world’s industry-leading teams. FORM, the world’s first Digital Assistant for the Frontline, serves global Fortune 500 companies with top-rated task management, image recognition, communication, and workflow technology that helps teams accomplish more from the field.

For the FORM Marketing team, building and distributing best-in-class presentations and content pieces is a daily process they know well—but with limited styling capabilities and layout options in PowerPoint and Google Slides, the team struggled to create assets that matched the high caliber of their brand. 

Matt Collins, Vice President of Marketing at FORM, shared how the Marketing team unlocked the “wow factor” for content after using

“I felt like PowerPoint presentations were holding us back as a high-performing Marketing & Sales organization, and I wanted something better, so I experimented with for a one-off project,” Matt said. “We wanted something with more of that ‘wow factor’ than PowerPoint could provide, but we also needed the ability to provide a lot of information in one content piece without it feeling overwhelming.” helped Matt and his team achieve those goals, all while maintaining a balance of visual appeal and tech-forward design similar to their own brand. 

The Marketing team at FORM creates anywhere from five to ten decks a week for both internal and external purposes. From all-hands presentations to board meetings to sales decks, FORM leverages to make better presentations, faster.  

Giving the team back 75% of their time

Before, FORM used over 150 template slides in PowerPoint that every team member of the company could access for their own presentation needs. “At first, this seemed like a great solution, but it became difficult to manage after 300 people started editing the templates,” Matt said. “It was a time-consuming process for our team to make sure every deck was up to our brand standards, and sometimes we had to troubleshoot when certain elements didn’t download correctly, like our custom fonts.”

Thanks to Smart Slides within, the Marketing team and other people at the company can easily update template slides while ensuring consistent quality every time. Matt said, “Sometimes we tend to overcrowd PowerPoint slides with text, but with the new templates we use in, it’s so much easier to condense text and create digestible and visually-appealing slides.” Other favorite features of Matt’s include the built-in animations and integrated stock photo library, which allow his teams to stay productive without visiting other websites or working in other systems to find what they need. 

Not only does look better—it’s faster, too. “We’ve saved at least 75-80% of our time thanks to,” said Matt. 

Thanks to, the content we’ve created for sales enablement has become significantly better. But in addition to that, everyone at our company is now much more invested and energized to use than any other tool we’ve used—and that’s a big win. 

Matt Collins, VP of Marketing, FORM

Creating better marketing materials

FORM’s Marketing team regularly runs account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns targeted to individual accounts. To engage with these accounts on a deeper level, the team creates hyper-personalized LinkedIn campaigns with content specific to each company, its industry, and its use cases. “These campaigns are almost always pushing to a landing page with a deck embedded into it as the main content offer,” Matt says. “And we're very confident in the quality of the user experience of leads that land on the page.” As a top-of-funnel strategy, has considerably improved the lead journey and boosted FORM’s pipeline over the last six months, particularly for content highlighting its image recognition technology. 

Improving sales enablement in the cloud

Since FORM is using for marketing and sales purposes, having the ability to update content across multiple channels in real time is key. Since content created in lives in the cloud, teams can update any deck and the content will automatically update wherever the deck has been shared—and often, that’s in the hands of prospects. “Prospective clients are always going back to that landing page, so it’s important for us to have a way to update the deck depending on what’s changed,” says Matt. “It’s always evolving.” After every sales call, FORM can instantly update presentations with the latest and most relevant information to adapt to the course of their sales cycle—and ultimately provide their prospects with the best experience possible. 

“Thanks to, the content we’ve created for sales enablement has become significantly better,” Matt concludes. “But in addition to that, everyone at our company is now much more invested and energized to use than any other tool we’ve used—and that’s a big win.”