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Peloton Pitch Deck

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Founded in 2012, Peloton transformed the future of fitness. Peloton’s indoor cycling bike lets you choose live or on-demand classes based on music genre, low or high impact, length of workout, or the coach whose teaching style you relate to most. 

But, in 2019, Peloton faced a public relations crisis that cost the company nearly a billion dollars in market value in one day due to an ad that sparked controversy. In a coveted pitch deck, Peloton said it would not use any “cheesy ads” or “before and afters,” two things the ad was criticized for by the public.

While the Peloton pitch deck packs a lot of great content, the actual presentation design doesn’t deliver. Check out the redesigned Peloton pitch deck.

Check out the Peloton Pitch Deck redesigned in

A well-designed pitch deck template can seal the deal for the growth of your project or startup. It's important to craft a document worthy of attention to achieve your goals. Like we did for the Peloton pitch deck redesign, use a variety of slide templates like timeline, hub and spoke, image grids, and more. Here are some slides you could include:

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Pro tips for creating successful pitch decks

Along with our Peloton pitch deck refresh, we’ve taken cues from other top startups who’ve raised money from angel investors and VCs with effective pitch decks. Here are tips for customizing your own pitch deck template:

Be brief and concise

A pitch deck should be clear, compelling, and straightforward. About 10 to 20 slides should be enough to hit all the key points.

Each slide makes an impact

The overall layout of your slideshow is important, but each slide template also needs to make an impact. Capitalization, bolding key messages, and adding color will create attention on each individual slide.

Include visual aids

Charts, funnels, graphs, and images all add to the way your presentation is received. Visual aids make slides memorable and draw notice from your audience to important components.

Keep it simple

Your presentation should support what you’re saying, not distract from it. Keep your design and text simple.