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Scope of Work Presentation Template

Use This Template

A scope of work template can help managers onboard new hires or contractors more seamlessly.’s scope of work presentation template allows you to introduce new projects and manage deliverables and tasks. 

These customizable slide templates have everything you need for a scope of work presentation, like project background, task milestones, and an effective communication plan. 

Our scope of work template can also help you:

  • Introduce new projects to internal teams or external contractors 
  • Set and agree upon expectations for deliverables and tasks
  • Keep stakeholders informed with the scope of work and progress of projects

Use our template to create an effective scope of work presentation

A scope of work presentation is an important element in onboarding teams and aligning on project roadmaps and expectations. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create an effective presentation. Tailoring this template to fit your own scope of work is simple. Whether you need to onboard new partners or manage project tasks, you can quickly bring your visions to life with slide like::

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Tips to create your own scope of work presentation

As you use this template to create your own scope of work presentation, keep these four tips in mind:

Provide background

To fully understand the task at hand, stakeholders will need background knowledge on both the company and the project. This will help them perform the scope of work to the best of their ability.

Make the scope of work clear

In order for both parties to agree on the scope of work, it must be outlined clearly. Keep your scope of work presentation clear and concise so nothing is left up for interpretation.

Include branding

A scope of work presentation is a statement of the job requirements and it is a direct representation of your company. As such, your deck should be complete with branded colors, fonts, and logos to keep it professional.

Add a Personal Touch

Scope of work presentations are not one-size-fits-all. Tailor the presentation to the party involved, and don’t be afraid to include personalized headshots of project managers or key stakeholders.