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Big Number Template

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Sometimes you need to let your numbers speak for themselves. Show off your double-digit success in a big way with our big number Smart Slide template. You can now highlight important stats and use this template to show unrelated data that doesn’t warrant a comparison slide. Show change in value, and call out company wins in a bolder way that tells the audience exactly what numbers you want them to pay attention to. 

Now, you can easily customize and add a big number template to your next presentation.

Use a big number template to:

  • Call out company wins in a big way
  • Display stand alone or one-off data
  • Show change in value for important metrics 

Pro Tips for Creating a Big Number Template

Follow these tips when building out your own big number template.

Make the big number bigger

Add just one statistic and increase the text scale for more visual impact. 

Mix it up

You don't have to stick to just numbers, and can mix in words where you need to. Things like "1 in 3 adults" or the majority of those surveyed said "blue", could work with the big number slide, too. 

Say more with less

Sure, you can use words in place of values, but don't make it a novel. Keep it to one or two words on the slide to maintain the “wow” factor.

Add a relevant image

Even with a big number on the slide, an image is worth a thousand words. Add a relevant image to help make your slide more memorable.

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