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Section Break Slide Template

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Every slide in your presentation deserves to look good. Every slide should have a purpose, and it should work towards a main goal: communicating your message effectively. That means placeholder slides, like a break slide, are just as important as the rest of your slides. When used properly, a break slide can give you a moment to gather your thoughts, let your audience think about what you’re saying, and keep your presentation running smoothly.

Use’s break slide to:

  • Organize your presentation into neat sections
  • Pause your presentation for questions
  • Let your audience absorb your presentation

Pro Tips for creating a Break Slide

When adding a break slide to your presentation, consider these tips.

Label every section in your presentation

Break slides signal when a new section of your presentation is about to begin. Place a break slide for these moments so your audience knows what to expect.

Don’t add too many break slides

If you seem to have a break slide after every other slide, try finding a broader way to label a group of your slides.

Keep your break slides simple

All you need is a title for your break slide, but you can add a few explanatory sentences, image, or background if you’d like.

Use break slides for natural pauses

Use your break slides to catch your breath or pause for questions from your audience. Make sure it flows with your content, though, and doesn’t feel forced.

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