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Your presentation needs to support the key messages you’re delivering to your audience. Your slides shouldn’t take away from your presentation, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain and boring, either. Add some visual interest to your slides by using an icon slide template for your lists. With our icon slide template, you can pair images to text, helping your audience process information easier.

Use our icon slide template to:

  • Add visual interest to your presentation design
  • Make blocks of texts easier to read
  • Organize your content

Pro Tips for an Icon Slide Template

Here are some helpful tips for using the icon slide template.

Use the template to introduce your team

The icon slide template is great for introducing the members of your team. Present headshots of your team members along with their name, job title, duties, or fun facts.

Don’t waste the template on one list item

The icon slide template makes your lists more dynamic and visually interesting. Use it for lists that have at least two to three items.

Pick appropriate icons

Icon lists aren’t just for team slides. Break down your company mission in a startup pitch, a multi-step process in an HR presentation, or top skills in a portfolio.

Don’t overuse the icon list

Use icon lists when they make sense in your presentation. If you use it on too many slides, your presentation will lack variety and appeal.

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