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Number List Template

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Sometimes in presentations, you want your audience to take action on the information presented. Maybe you need new employees to complete specific tasks in a certain order, or you might need your marketing team to prioritize certain action items in a campaign.

A number list template can show your audience what needs to be done, how to do it, and in what order. It can also be used to clearly organize a list for easier and more visual presentations.

Use a number list template to:

  • Explain a process
  • Rank items in order
  • Create a list of action items

Pro Tips for using a Number List Template

Here are some tips to help you use our number list template for your next presentation.

Keep list items brief.

Think of your number list as notes, not your full-length presentation. Keep each list item brief so it can support what you’re saying in your speech.

Make your number list short.

Limit the number of list items to no more than six per slide. Your audience will be able to read each slide and pay attention longer when your number list is shorter.

Use numbers and bullets properly.

Number lists and bullet lists both organize content similarly, but bullet points are usually all equal, while number list items can be steps or ranked items.

Use number lists sparingly.

Use the number list template appropriately to keep your presentation fresh and interesting. When there’s a number list on every slide, your presentation can become stale.

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