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An org chart, or an organizational chart, is a diagram that illustrates the structure and reporting relationships within a company. Org charts are great tools for displaying how work flows within the company. With our org chart template slides, you can add different slides to any presentation to showcase how departments are connected, who reports to whom, and share contact information. Org chart slides are also great for management, who need insight into hours per department, promotions, and team resources.

You might use our org chart slide templates to:

  • Help people understand company structure
  • Keep track of changing roles or employees
  • Share employee contact information company-wide

Tips for Adding an Org Chart Slide

Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind when putting together an org chart slide.

Do choose the right type of org chart.

Structural charts are simple and minimalistic, functional charts display departmental responsibilities, and position charts list employee titles and duties. Pick a style that works for your organization’s size and needs.

Don’t forget to update your org chart regularly.

Employees will check your org chart when they need important information. Check on it regularly so they’re not using outdated information.

Do use different fonts, colors, and sizes.

Make your org chart easy to read by adjusting the fonts, colors, and sizes.

Don’t be afraid to create several charts.

One giant org chart can be overwhelming to look at. Create smaller org chart slides broken down by division or department if needed.

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