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Photo Grid Template

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While information you present in text is one of the most important elements in your presentation, your visual elements matter, too. Text alone isn’t enough to keep your audience’s attention and get your points across. You need a carefully chosen mix of graphics that will make an impact on your viewers.

A photo grid template can help your presentation tell a story visually without having to rely solely on text. You might use this template to show the faces behind a team of employees, share progress on a design or construction project, or cover important information in an onboarding presentation.

Use the photo grid template to:

  • Add visual interest to your presentation
  • Tell your story visually
  • Connect with your audience

Pro Tips for Using a Photo Grid Template

Here are some guidelines to consider when using a photo grid template.

Choose photos that mean something.

Choose real photos that make sense for your presentation. For example, photos of an unfinished project to show how it’s progressing.

Avoid using stock photos if you can.

People can often tell when a stock photo is used… and they tend to ignore them. Avoid using them unless you have good reason to.

Use a photo grid when appropriate.

Photo grids are a great way to share photos of your best design projects, reveal the faces behind teams, or present ideas for new products.

Don’t let photos overrun your presentation.

You want your presentation to look good, but remember that you’re sharing information with your audience. That’s still the most important thing.

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