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Waterfall Chart Template

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A waterfall chart is used to show how an initial value is affected by various factors. The chart shows  a running total as values are added or subtracted. A waterfall chart is an ideal way to visualize a starting value, the positive and negative changes made to that value, and the resulting end value.

No matter what industry you work in, at some point you will need to analyze a value over time. When doing so, it is helpful to see where you started and how you arrived at the final value.

A waterfall template can be used for a variety of scenarios, such as:

  • Evaluating company profit
  • Highlighting budget changes on a project
  • Analyzing inventory or sales over a period of time

The waterfall template makes creating a waterfall chart effortless. Simply enter your data with just one click watch your slides automatically adapt.  A complex chart made uncomplicated with

Pro Tips for Waterfall Charts

Customize your waterfall slide by trying these ideas:

Maximize impact.

Incorporate color and design that enhances or matches your theme. Consider adding your company logo for extra customization.

Make your data clear.

Depending on the context of your chart, you may want to change the colors of the different types of values to bring more clarity and impact to the chart details that are most important.

Label key information.

Be sure to label the bars in your waterfall chart in a bold, easy to read typeface. This will make the graph useful and visually appealing.

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