10 New Year Resolutions That Will Help You Present Better in 2022

Samantha Pratt Lile
January 5, 2022
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10 New Year Resolutions That Will Help You Present Better in 202210 New Year Resolutions That Will Help You Present Better in 2022
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Another New Year has passed. Champagne corks were popped, cocktails were drained and people celebrated as balls dropped around the world. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what’s to come in 2022.

What is your New Year’s resolution? Every year, people look for ways to better themselves in the coming year… although many of these goals soon fall by the wayside. People vow to live healthier lifestyles, to eliminate stress and to spend more time with their loved ones. Other New Year’s resolutions focus on professional achievements, such as getting a promotion, earning a raise or even starting a small business.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to relate to wide, sweeping lifestyle changes. You can resolve to improve a single aspect of your life or workplace. How about developing your presentation skills? In fact, there are a variety of simple ways you can resolve to present better.

The following 10 New Year’s resolutions will help you present better in 2022:

1. Collaborate more

There’s no room for working in a silo in 2022. Teams have learned that with more collaboration comes greater efficiency. Teamwork boosts productivity and creativity, and’s Teams Plan makes it easier than ever for teams to stay on task and on brand when designing presentations… even while collaborating remotely.

2. Stop procrastinating

Creating a traditional PowerPoint presentation can be a huge headache, and it’s easy to procrastinate the fine details. If you’ve vowed to stop procrastinating in 2022, then why not try a more user-friendly PowerPoint-alternative presentation software like Just add your content and watch as artificial intelligence handles the design details for you. You’ll find yourself enjoying presentation design more and naturally procrastinating less.

3. Lead with branding

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that will help you design better presentations, how about vowing to produce no more frankendecks? We are all tired of the same boring PowerPoint lookalike presentations that have been prevalent for decades. Why not use a PowerPoint-alternative presentation platform like that lets you customize your slide decks based on your own brand style guide?

4. Add a personal touch

Audiences expect more than a standard slide deck in their 2022 presentations. You can become a better presenter by adding a personal touch to your slide presentations. Rather than including only standard elements like text and photos, try engaging your audiences with music, voice-overs or even video?

5. Visualize your data

Data is a story, so make sure you tell it in 2022. Audiences find facts and figures compelling, and numbers rarely lie. But slides filled with walls of text can quickly put viewers to sleep. Add pizzazz to your 2022 presentations by infusing them with infographics and other data visualizations that will bring otherwise boring numbers to life.

6. Save more time

Do you hope to spend more time doing what you love in 2022, finding that secret recipe for a better work-life balance? Start by spending less time designing presentations. Instead of wasting hours agonizing over minute design details in PowerPoint, choose and let artificial intelligence design your slide decks for you, saving countless hours in the process.

7. Engage your audiences

Audiences don’t want to attend the same old boring presentations in 2022. They want to be dazzled with engaging slide decks and multimedia elements. If you’re still reading your slides during your presentations, 2022 is the time to stop. Further engage audiences with interactions like polls and quizzes and plenty of eye-catching photos, infographics and other imagery.

8. Get organized

Your audience has high expectations for presentations in 2022, and you don’t want to disappoint. Without an organized structure, however, your presentation can fail to engage or impress. Outline the content of your presentation in advance, then use that to determine what content to include on each slide and what order to present all the information. If you are using, you can let the artificial intelligence worry about the smaller design details.

9. Tell more stories

Storytelling has been one of the most-loved ways to engage audiences throughout history. Enhance your presentations in 2022 by infusing them with plenty of storytelling. Don’t tell audiences about a product, tell them the story of a customer using it. Don’t read a list of numbers, bring the data to life by adding it to infographics and telling a story with it.

10. Step out of your comfort zone

If you want to impress audiences with your presentation skills in 2022, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try structuring your story in new ways that you haven’t tried before. Surprise your team members by adding new types of graphs that they haven’t seen. offers a plethora of Smart Slide templates to suit practically any purpose. Why not try out a few new ones this year?

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha is an independent journalist, editor, blogger and content manager. Examples of her published work can be found at sites including the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed.