10 Sales Enablement Tools That Can Level Up Your Sales Operations for 2022

Samantha Pratt Lile
December 27, 2021
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10 Sales Enablement Tools That Can Level Up Your Sales Operations for 202210 Sales Enablement Tools That Can Level Up Your Sales Operations for 2022
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Sales enablement has never been more popular… or necessary. Modern consumers are better informed than ever before, and what they don’t already know they know how to find. Therefore, customers have little interest in traditional sales presentations. They don’t want to be talked at, they want to be engaged. In fact, a boring presentation just might put some of them to sleep! It’s no wonder the sales enablement platform market is worth more than $7 billion.

What is sales enablement? Sales enablement is the act of providing sales teams with all the content, information, resources and tools they need to sell more effectively. There’s no set recipe for sales enablement; it applies to anything that helps sales representatives be successful. Although sales enablement comes in many forms, it commonly encompasses training, content and software tools.

There are so many sales enablement options from which to choose. The following 10 sales enablement tools can level up your sales operations in 2022:

1. Ambition

The sales enablement tool helps teams track their performance in a fun and visual manner, improving their in-person and remote sales performance. Ambition enables advanced training for seasoned salespeople, it supports CRM integration, and it features a variety of communication tools.


The PowerPoint-alternative presentation software employs artificial intelligence to automate the design process, so every team member can create equally beautiful, branded and engaging sales decks and presentations for use in any content management system.

3. Boomerang

Sales teams can elevate their email outreach using Boomerang, a tool that analyzes data to provide insights into what makes people open an email. The sales enablement software monitors response patterns and open rates, and it automatically resends emails at a time when recipients are most likely to respond. Teams that use Boomerang maximize response to their email campaigns.

4. Hubspot

The industry-leading CRM provides a host of sales enablement resources, including a suite of content creation and management tools that help companies manage content and track conversions. Hubspot’s all-in-one platform also assists with effective email marketing, form creation, landing pages and a host of other sales enablement tools.

5. Seismic

The sales enablement tool offers a centralized location where teams can manage all of their information, content and resources. With Seismic, all of a team’s sales enablement resources are easily accessible, ensuring sales reps have what they need when they need it to close more deals. Seismic features predictive content recommendations that suggest relevant content during each stage of the selling process.

6. Cloze

Cloze offers a solution to sales teams who frequently find themselves communicating with clients across multiple platforms. By compiling all interactions with customers into a single, user-friendly page, teams using Cloze easily can gain an overview of an entire client relationship. The software also tracks documents shared with a client, so sales teams can always know what content has been shared.

7. LevelEleven

The sales management system helps teams close more deals by providing insights into behavioral patterns and sales strategies. LevelEleven also elevates sales efficiencies by offering real-time visibility into daily performance levels. Since the platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, teams never have to leave the platform.

8. Whatfix

Sales reps can learn in the flow of work with Whatfix thanks to its digital adoption platform with in-app guidance. The sales enablement tool is ideal for teams in frequently changing sales environments, so they don’t have to constantly update their personalized training content. Real-time walkthroughs eliminate confusion when training users on live products, and the platform’s self-help widget reduces support costs by providing contextual help every step of the way.

9. Unboxed Advisor

The Unboxed Advisor mobile platform reduces training times for enterprise sales teams thanks to its five sales enablement solutions, including interactive demos, a content library, account management, guided selling and performance reporting. The sales enablement tool helps sales teams improve consistency, maximize customer engagement and boost sales.

10. Datanyze

The sales enablement tool helps teams streamline the process of finding their ideal clients while saving plenty of time otherwise spent on research. Datanyze features a unique “eyeball” system that scans a client’s public information to provide relevant information and important qualifiers, including annual revenue, company size and its existing solutions.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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