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5 Ways to Pitch Solar Energy Installation to Homeowners and Businesses

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March 24, 2021
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5 Ways to Pitch Solar Energy Installation to Homeowners and Businesses5 Ways to Pitch Solar Energy Installation to Homeowners and Businesses
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Solar energy is bursting with potential, offering an affordable and sustainable way to power homes and businesses. But in spite of the value, people aren’t buying the systems. This may be because they don’t see the technology everywhere yet, and they’ve assumed it must be too expensive, unreliable, or complicated to be worthwhile. Your solar energy presentation can educate your prospects and help them see how well solar will fit with their goals. Using specialized visuals and infographics, you can replace their concerns with clear visions of the benefits they’ll enjoy in the short and long term, and persuade them to implement your renewable energy system now.

1. Start with a strong pitch deck template

You can probably list the benefits of your solar project by the dozen, but when you start filling in a blank slideshow, it reads like sleep meditation. What you need is a framework to get your ideas flowing in a compelling way.’s sales proposal templates make it easy. The strategic slides will help you craft a straightforward message, make an impact with memorable visuals, and showcase specific statistics and data that prove the benefits of your solar energy system.

2. Let the numbers speak for themselves

The beauty of using charts and graphics to present your renewable energy pitch is that they make your sales argument foolproof. Well-designed infographics show the measurable ways that your solar products will provide reliable, long-term value.

Graphics are a great place to highlight the government rebates that are available for solar installations and calculate how much it will offset their upfront costs.

With customizable templates for bar graphs, pie charts, data comparison, and more, helps you demonstrate to customers exactly how they’ll save money and satisfy their energy needs for years to come.

3. Show how easy it will be

A common concern among home and business owners is that they expect a lot of hassles with installing a solar energy system. They aren’t familiar with the process and probably don’t know the businesses or government entities that may be involved. They may also anticipate a steep learning curve with administration issues like figuring out how to access rebates and how to budget with net metering.

Your solar energy presentation is the perfect place to reassure and educate clients around the process so they can start to see how easy and rewarding it will be when they take the plunge. Simple visuals like a flow chart, process diagram, or timeline can get the message across and help them imagine how each step will be completed.

4. Bring their future to life

One of the most powerful methods to persuade prospective customers is to paint a vivid picture of what life will be like when they are finally enjoying their solar energy setup. 

You can incorporate photos of solar arrays on beautiful homes or impressive business buildings to plant exciting expectations in their minds. Using animations of your systems in action will make viewers feel like they have a comfortable grasp of how it works. And don’t forget video clips; film of happy client testimonials can go miles toward sealing the deal. 

You can add all of these slides to your deck with a few clicks.

5. Finish strong

Once you’ve opened your prospective customers’ eyes to the incredible value your system will provide, it’s time to win the yes.

Make sure that at the end of your renewable energy presentation, your final slide gives a clear call to action. Whether you want the client to set up a consultation or make a purchase, make sure their next step is a no-brainer by stating exactly who to contact or where to go to make their solar-powered vision a reality.

Make it Beautiful

With smart templates to get your ideas flowing and custom visuals to build a compelling case, will make your solar power pitch a renewable success.

Sign up and see for yourself how the tools make your sales presentations shine.

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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