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7 Presentation Templates For Sales Managers and Teams

Jordan Turner
November 23, 2022
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7 Presentation Templates For Sales Managers and Teams7 Presentation Templates For Sales Managers and Teams
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The foundation of a successful sales team is communication— both internally and externally. Offering solutions to prospective clients’ business needs is how you scale your own business, and that’s done through in-person meetings, virtual pitch decks, emails or lead generation strategies. But before you prepare any client-facing communications, your sales team needs to be aligned on sales strategies, account management, and sales projection. It’s a sales manager’s job to facilitate those conversations with their team and give them the tools necessary to close more deals. 

Presentations are a crucial tool for sales teams’ scalability. From all-hands meetings to sales proposals, presentations act as a vessel to communicate your story to the appropriate audiences. Of course, sales managers aren’t designers by trade and the presentation creation process can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. 

Luckily, there’s a presentation template for that. offers a robust library of pre-built, customizable presentation templates curated by industry experts. They serve as a starting point to give you the inspiration you need to package up your own story.

To save you time, we rounded up the 7 presentation templates that every sales manager can benefit from having in their back pocket. 

Sales strategy

A sales strategy helps sales teams achieve their sales goals and close more deals.’s sales strategy template enables managers and sales reps to prioritize and engage with potential customers, while developing different selling models to reach prospective clients. 

Our customizable template has everything you need for a sales strategy like key performance indicators (KPIs), sales process, and product overview. A thoughtful sales strategy presentation can help teams understand things like target market, response time between inbound leads and first sales touch-point, and how to properly demo the product.  

Our sales strategy template can also help you identify objectives and provide guidance to your sales team, create product positioning guidelines, and share sales pipelines and wins with the team and other stakeholders.

Key account management

Not all of your clients provide the same value to your business. Your key accounts should have a low cost-to-revenue ratio with opportunity to grow in the future. A key account management (KAM) presentation helps teams identify their key accounts and nurture those relationships to their full potential. A successful KAM presentation can help teams define their target accounts, and outline your objectives, for a more favorable outcome. 

Our KAM template can also help you focus sales efforts more effectively, build better relationships with high-profile clients or customers, or optimize sales team results and increase revenue growth for the business.

Sales go to market

A sales go to market plan helps sales teams identify market size, define a value proposition, and achieve their sales goals with better product positioning and messaging. Sales leaders can set their teams up for success with’s sales go to market presentation template with things like market size and trends, KPIs, and an actionable plan. A thoughtful sales go to market presentation can help teams understand buyer personas and how to position their product or offering when talking to prospective customers.  

Our sales go to market template can also help you identify your sales go to market plan and provide guidance to your sales team, evaluate target market and market trends, or share financial projections with upper-management and other stakeholders.

Case study

Case studies address consumer challenges and highlight the solutions your service or product can deliver. This kind of presentation helps instill confidence in your brand and convert prospective clients to paying customers. Include your company background, past customers, a product demonstration or video, and outline how you can provide each client with positive results. A quality case study presentation illustrates real-world success using data. Our case study template will help you keep your clients engaged while you show them potential business solutions in a polished and professional presentation.

Our case study presentation template can be used as an effective way to showcase your success stories, convert prospective clients, and up-sell current clients.

Sales proposal

Sale proposals are used to demonstrate how your business, brand, service or product will positively influence a buyer, partner company, or investor. For a sales proposal to be successful it must include a straightforward message, be visually impactful, and show specific stats or data that reference your company’s strengths.

A sales proposal template streamlines the creation process for your proposal slideshow. Rather than limiting yourself to a series of blank slides and adding copy and images as you go, sales proposal templates provide all the basic placement and design for you to fill with customized content.

A sales proposal template can be used for responding to requests for proposals (RFPs), communicating ROI to sales prospects, and pitching sales ideas, concepts, or strategies. 

Sales projection

A sales projection is the amount of revenue your business expects to earn in the future. Also called a sales forecast or a business forecast, a sales projection gives you insight into the short-term and long-term health of the company. A set of sales projection slides is essential for sharing the results of your calculations companywide. 

Use the sales projection presentation template to analyze the health of the company, compare projections to past sales numbers, or inform company operations.

Team stand-up

Make your daily sales meetings more effective by starting with a template that lets teammates easily track what's going on and how to best optimize processes. Our team stand up template is a pre-built, customizable presentation optimized for team meetings and collaboration. Your sales team meeting will run smoothly with an agenda slide, talking points slide, deliverables update slide and more to keep everyone organized and focused.

Use the team stand up template to keep team members on the same page about pending deals, get executives up to speed on recent sales’ numbers, and ensure everyone is on track toward larger goals or quotas. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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