AI User Conference 2024: AI Presentations with

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February 9, 2024
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AI User Conference 2024: AI Presentations with Beautiful.aiAI User Conference 2024: AI Presentations with
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The AI User Conference is an event tailored for marketers, designers and developers alike. Its hands-on approach helps attendees learn more about artificial intelligence and practical applications of the technology for their own business. 

The 2024 conference took place at the end of January in San Francisco, California where attendees joined for workshops, demonstrations, and industry updates. From automating workflows to boosting creativity, the AI User Conference was meant to empower companies to transform their skills by implementing AI into their workplace. 

The event was sponsored by companies of all shapes and sizes. AI tech companies like GitHub, IMB, Zapier, Canva, Adobe, and Intel and— among many others— joined the 3-day event to share their software with and learn from each other. 

AI presentations with 

As a sponsor of the event, some of the team was able to attend the AI User Conference to connect with other companies and AI-enthusiasts. On day two of the conference’s VP of Operations, Strategy, BD & Partnerships, Crystal Brown, showcased the latest AI features and an exciting roadmap for 2024 with like-minded professionals and individuals in the tech space. 

Check out Designer Day highlights &'s presentation here:

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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