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Isabelle Nicole
April 5, 2024
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In the News: Fast Company - Beautiful.aiIn the News: Fast Company -
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“As someone who’s used the service for a while, let me tell you: Even if you’re late to the party, you’ll be very glad you got there.” – JR RAPHAEL, Fast Company.

We may have cracked the code on beautiful presentations. It’s not just about slide design or ease of use–it’s about transforming the entire process. is the “anti-PowerPoint" you’ve been waiting for, according to our founder and CTO Mitch Grasso, who chatted with Fast Company about how our company is built on a foundation of experience and innovation. 

So what sets apart? Here are some highlights we’ve pulled from our recent feature in Fast Company: Forget PowerPoint: This is the AI presentation app of the future is delightful

“The first thing you notice when you get into is almost shocking: The service is, dare I say it, actually delightful to use. Grasso really did identify an area ripe for reinvention: takes all the typical pain points out of presentation creation and turns it into a simple process that’s surprisingly swift and pleasant.”

Our interface is clean and inviting. We've made our product highly intuitive, easy-to-use, with no clutter–so anyone can craft a presentation with ease. Plus, our workflow is intuitive making it joyful to use. is intelligent

Our algorithms help you find the best way to format and design any presentation you’re thinking of building. We have a library of templates for everything from pitch presentations to team all-hands, or you can start from scratch and see how helpful our app is in suggesting themes. also adapts your presentation design every step of the way to account for new text, images, or data. Formatting is on “autopilot,” as Grasso described in the article. provides real automation

While AI often conjures images of chatbots and automated responses, our design AI takes a different approach. It optimizes your presentation as you work, and isn’t something we’ve slapped ChatGPT into in order to market ourselves as AI.

Recent advancements in our design AI also allow our users greater convenience and flexibility that we encourage you to play with and discover. We’re also always working on our generative AI capabilities to find even more areas where we can provide value. 

“Generative AI is great for getting you started, but the continued editing and the continued manipulation of the content that it’s created is the important part and why we’ve continued to be successful.” – Mitch Grasso, CTO

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Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle is a freelance content writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.