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Jordan Turner
August 16, 2023
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I dreaded making PowerPoint presentations before because I knew I was putting too much text on my slides, but now with Beautiful, that doesn't happen. The slides are concise, full of imagery or charts and impressive. It is my favorite SaaS! - Sharon Goldmacher, President & CEO, Communications 21

Over 78,000 companies use, and we’re proud of the presentation community that we’ve built. It’s not lost on us that we owe much of our success to our customers.’s presentation enthusiasts and power-users influence a lot of our product enhancements and feature updates, and they’re what keeps the business moving forward. Because of that, we recognize the importance of feedback so we can continue to evolve, grow, and create something beautiful, together.

We rounded up a handful of our most recent testimonials and reviews to help showcase the power of Here’s what our customers are saying. 

"It makes every presentation look like a professional brand expert put it together." - Reid Raykovich, CEO, Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation

"I already recommended the tool to at least 10 people. I love how easy it is to create beautiful slides. Real game-changer in my life." - Patrick Trümpi, CSO, Unique Zurich

"I think Beautiful.AI is a revolutionary product that has made creating decks more efficient and helped me up my slide game!" - Ammeil Ali, Digital Marketing Manager, Avasant

"I really think does such an amazing job of what they've set out to do, and I can't tell people about it enough!" - Taylor Fiscus, People Ops Manager, Janover

"Just love using it, presentations look slick and are easy to put together." - Vikram Bamra, Technical Services Manager, Goodwater

"With absolutely no design background -- I'm creating beautiful - and powerful presentations." - Barbara Pfeiffer, CEO, FORCE

"It delivers everything it promises, and more! And, I love the bot that designs full presentations - works beautifully!!! Good job Team!!!!!!" - Lynette Dundee, B.A., M.A., M.Sc. (Psych.), Consultant, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Northern Touch Consulting Corp.

"It's so much more helpful, fast, and design-oriented than anything else I've tried.” - Sam Rinearson, Director Of Marketing, Eaglecom Marketing

"This has made putting proposals and presentations together so easy. The clean and professional, minimalist look wows everyone. every. single. time. I have used literally every presentation software out there and this is the only one I use now." - Ariana DaSilva, International District Manager, La Senza

" helps me cut down time and focus on my content for a great presentation!" - Cynthia S. Kao, Founder, Rebirth Media LLC & Executive Director of Operation Code

“ allows me to create exceptional slides that look ultra professional without a lot of pain.” - Margaret Simmons, Deputy Director, Monash Health

“I love this platform. Is so interactive, creative and polished. I have not found something like this anywhere else. You guys help me to make outstanding presentations with the least effort.. Love you guys hope you continue to improve it and make it even better than it already is..!” - David Juárez Dávila, Investment Analyst, New Mexico Trade Alliance

"Beautiful designs that also save me SO much time when I need to edit the design or change the data from year to year!" - Betsy Barre, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Wake Forest University

“I dreaded making PowerPoint presentations before because I knew I was putting too much text on my slides, but now with Beautiful, that doesn't happen. The slides are concise, full of imagery or charts and impressive. It is my favorite SaaS!” - Sharon Goldmacher, President & CEO, Communications 21

“One of the best ways to make presentations. Always allows me to focus and tell the story. Not worry about placing pieces on the slides.” - Sai Natarajan, Co-founder, wowTalkies

“The product makes my presentations look amazing, it's accessible anywhere, and the templates are well thought out and help bring my data to life.” - John Fogharty, Executive Director, A+ Schools Pittsburgh

“I'm convinced has contributed to my accelerated rise at work. They make me look much smarter than I am!” - Jett Smith, Transportation Supervisor, Bay Area Rapid Transit

“This is an elegant tool.  Easy to tell a narrative in a visually impactful way.” - Louis Brady, President & CEO, Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc

“Makes it easy to create beautiful slides without having to be an expert at powerpoint. For a startup founder the time saved is amazing, and the level of professionally for my slide decks makes it look like I spent hours and hours on design.” - Clint Berry, CEO, Kolla

"I love It allows me to create unique, visually appealing presentations with pre-made templates to save time. And it's really easy to use. Would definitely recommend." - Kara D Bowers M.D., Resident Physician, General Surgery, JFK Medical Center

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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