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Class to Career: How Young Professionals Can Leverage After Graduation

Jordan Turner
April 21, 2022
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Class to Career: How Young Professionals Can Leverage After GraduationClass to Career: How Young Professionals Can Leverage After Graduation
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Millions of students leverage presentations on a weekly basis. Whether it be for a class assignment or a final master's thesis, presentations are a part of nearly every curriculum. Does that mean students enjoy them? No. But thankfully they’re not bound to old school decks that take days to build anymore. Now there’s presentation software— like— that makes the presentation design process a little more painless.

The ability to present goes far beyond classroom assignments. Even if you shied away from presentations in school, you’ll need to pick them back up as a young professional. It’s a skill that many employers will want you to be proficient in, similar to spreadsheets and other productivity tools.

Being confident in your presentation skills— both the deck design and the public speaking aspect— can help you stand out from other candidates. It helps you appear more professional, poised, and well-rounded.

You’ve used in school, but we want to help you in the workforce, too. Keep these presentation templates in mind as you graduate from the classroom to your first career.

Presentation templates for young professionals

Consider these seven presentation templates to get you started as you dive into new opportunities post-grad.

Young professional digital resume presentation

This one is pretty self explanatory, but as you transition into the “real world” you’ll want to start thinking about a resume. Our young professional digital resume presentation template is tailored to help those that are just starting out on their professional journey. Preparing your first digital resume can be a daunting task if you’re not sure what to include. 

These customizable template slides have all the necessary elements of a digital resume presentation for young professionals, including skills, education, experience, and accomplishments. 

While this isn’t something you would submit with a job application, it can serve as a leave behind for the hiring manager after your first interview or as something to include in your follow up email to help you stand out. 

Social media strategy presentation

With the rise of social media, many young professionals find themselves in a marketing coordinator role where they’re tasked with social media management. Similarly, to get your feet wet you may take on freelance social media gigs where you might need to present a social media strategy to your hiring manager or client. 

A social media strategy has many moving parts: background research, campaign goals, task lists, deliverables, and more. That’s why your social media strategy presentation has to be comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand. A customizable, intuitive social media strategy deck template can relieve some of the stress of building your own presentation, allowing you to focus on sharing important information with your social media team or partner. 

Influencer marketing proposal presentation

Influencer marketing is something that nearly every brand has tapped into in 2022, and it’s a huge part of the workforce. Whether you’re shooting your shot as an influencer (or content creator) yourself, or you accepted a role where you’ll be coordinating with influencers for a brand, this presentation template will come in handy.

Our influencer marketing proposal presentation can help you stay on budget, on track with deliverables, and organized when communicating between creators and brands. 

Recruitment presentation

As a new graduate, you’re immersed into the recruitment process as a potential employee for a company. But it’s also not uncommon for many young professionals to go into recruiting right out of college. It’s an industry that boasts many job opportunities, room for growth, and space to learn. 

In a competitive market, recruiters and HR representatives need to attract and lock down top talent for their organization. Your company might provide competitive benefits, high salaries, an engaging company culture, and enticing opportunities for growth, but if you don’t know how to sell those perks, you won’t bring in those candidates. On the flip side, as a new hire, you’ll probably see a recruitment presentation or two as you move through the interview process. 

A compelling and informative job recruitment presentation can set you apart from your competitors— both companies and other candidates— and bring in top quality job talent who are perfect for your team.

Creative portfolio presentation

If you’re a young creative professional trying to find a new gig, you should probably have a creative portfolio at your disposal. A creative portfolio does it all: a resume that helps you stand out from the crowd, highlights your best work, and shows off your educational background or technical skills. First impressions are vital and an eye-catching portfolio that shows off your best work is sure to have a positive impact.

With our creative portfolio template, you can spotlight your work and skills, as well as show off your creative style. You’ll impress potential clients and employers with a readable, eye-catching creative portfolio that’s easy to customize. 

Scope of work

A scope of work template can help managers onboard new hires or contractors more seamlessly, or help contractors and freelancers submit scope of work proposals to new clients.’s scope of work presentation template allows you to introduce new projects and manage deliverables and tasks. 

If you’re fresh out of school you may not know how to manage scope of work, or lay out a scope of work plan, but we can help. These customizable slide templates have everything you need for a scope of work presentation, like project background, task milestones, and an effective communication plan for all parties involved.

Sales proposal

An easy way to make decent money right out of school is going into sales. It’s a career path where you can learn and grow, earn commissions based on your performance, and nearly any young professional can make it work if they’re go-getters and self-motivated. If that’s the path you choose, you’ll become very familiar with a sales proposal deck.

Sale proposals are used to demonstrate how your business, brand, service or product will positively influence a buyer, partner company, or investor. For a sales proposal to be successful it must include a straightforward message, be visually impactful, and show specific stats or data that reference your company’s strengths. Sounds intimidating, right? Don’t worry, our sales proposal template is here to help you work smarter (not harder). 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.