New! Craft the perfect story with’s improved AI text generator

Jordan Turner
April 22, 2024
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New! Craft the perfect story with’s improved AI text generatorNew! Craft the perfect story with’s improved AI text generator
Table of Contents’s AI-powered technology acts as your creative partner to help expedite the brainstorming process. But oftentimes we need help beyond the blueprint of the presentation and can get stuck staring at the same sentence for what feels like hours trying to figure out the best ways to communicate a story. 

Did you know our AI assistant can help you combat writer’s block, too? It’s like your very own editor-in-chief built into each slide to help you craft the perfect message to accompany your story.’s generative text feature— released in February 2023— inspires better content so teams can focus on their story rather than worrying about the tone of voice and grammar sounding right. Since its release last year, we've improved and expanded the functionality of our AI text editor to help you get to a more impactful message, faster.

It still has all the great features that you know and love like making your sentence simpler, longer, shorter, the ability to adjust your tone and add a custom prompt. But now you can do more to get the most out of your content.

What’s new with our AI text generator

Our latest update to the generative AI assistant is designed to elevate your content in a way that ensures that every piece of copy is polished and personalized. We're transforming the way you team up with AI to bring your ideas to life.

The new functions of the AI assistant focus on spelling and grammar corrections, generating contextually-aware new content, and allowing users to iterate on their prompts for refinement. There is also new functionality to save commonly used prompts to streamline the creation process and ensure consistency across projects.

The standout "Generate New" feature

The "Generate New" uses the text on a slide as added context to give you new content, such as a new slide title or conclusion of the slide with key takeaways. This feature is complemented by the capability to retrieve general information from the web, aiding in content enrichment. This removes the inefficiencies of writer’s block by giving you a customized, collaborative copy-writing experience right within the slide. 

Prompt iteration

The update also allows users to customize the AI assistant's output to match their preferred brand tone or personal style, facilitated by an accessible submenu for reusing favorite prompts. Instead of the assistant replacing your text completely based on a designated tone or length, it gives you options of text to choose from or iterate on. The update aims to provide flexibility in content creation, whether users need to refine their text for clarity and design compatibility or expand their content for more depth.

Spelling & Grammar

Make your text more beautiful. This update allows users to update spelling and grammar to ensure text on slides is accurate and professional. 

This new roll-out gives users access to our AI as a collaborative tool, encouraging a more iterative and interactive approach to writing and content generation. It’s intended to enhance the user's ability to produce content that reflects their unique personality and knowledge by offering multiple suggestions and enabling choice in the creative process.

Leveraging the AI text generator to pack a bigger punch in presentations

Here are a few ways you can leverage this new update to pack a bigger punch in your presentations (but the possibilities are endless). 

Stay on brand

Tired of your client-facing presentations sounding off-brand? This new update includes options for users to customize the AI assistant's output to match their preferred brand tone or personal style. Once you’ve perfected the voice and tone, you can reuse your favorite prompts for a more consistent experience across each deck. 

Language translations

One unique way to use our AI text generator is to help you translate text into another language. Sales and marketing teams may use this to tailor a slide or deck to international clients, or personalize a pitch. 

Create more engaging copy without a copywriter

Not everyone on the team has a writing background, and that’s okay. With these new and improved features, let AI take the wheel and help you craft a more engaging message without the need for an in-house copywriter. You can generate new copy from scratch, or collaborate with the AI to refine what you already have. 

Get started

Let’s perfect your message, together. You can easily collaborate with our AI assistant by clicking the bot icon in the text toolbar on any slide and choosing the tool that best suits your needs. 

Get started and let us know what you think.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.