Creative Ways to Present Your Company Culture and Vision to New Hires

Samantha Pratt Lile
April 26, 2022
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Creative Ways to Present Your Company Culture and Vision to New HiresCreative Ways to Present Your Company Culture and Vision to New Hires
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Any good management team wants to ensure employees feel happy and safe in the workplace. After all, unhappy workers quickly lead to higher turnover – and lost revenue. Developing a positive and productive company culture is crucial to providing an environment welcoming to employees, colleagues and even customers.

So, what is company culture, anyway? The phrase gets plenty of buzz, but what does it mean? Company culture has been called the backbone of an organization. It’s the values, ideals, attitudes and goals that make up a company. In addition to things like core values and mission statement, a company culture also includes an organization’s people, how they interact together and how they are treated by leadership.

Understanding and defining company culture can be a challenge. Determining the optimal company culture is only half the battle, however. The entire effort is pointless if that desired company culture isn’t communicated to all the key players who make up the business. One of the best ways to communicate a company’s culture is through a visual presentation deck. 

An engaging and interactive slide deck can help define and communicate core values, operating principles and teamwork structure, among many other values and principles. The slide deck can be presented to both existing team members and recruits, cementing the corporate culture from Day 1.

What are some tips for presenting a company’s culture to recruits? Check out the following creative ways to present your company culture and vision to new hires:

Bold language

Words are powerful, and the language you choose for your company culture presentation can greatly impact how the slides make your audience feel. Highlight slides with positive yet powerful terms like trust, integrity, growth, teamwork, diversity, balance, impact, engagement and communication.


Data is so integrated into modern communication; your audience will expect it to tell a story in your company culture deck. Let the numbers do the talking and have the data tell a story with engaging infographics that speak louder than any words.

Real solutions

What work-life solutions does your company offer its workforce? It’s not enough to just talk about how great the company culture is. New hires and recruits want to know what solutions the company can offer that improves their work-life balance and naturally boosts employee morale. Like in any effective presentation, show audiences the positive culture, don’t just tell them about it.


Bring your company culture presentation to life with engaging imagery that tells a visual story. Vivid photos, infographics and videos can tell the company’s story of culture better than words, and images will capture and hold an audience’s attention. Engaged audiences are also more likely to remember the presentation and its key points, while they also will take more meaning from the presentation.


How about letting your employees tell the story of the company’s culture? Employee testimonials are a great way to describe the working atmosphere. After all, the proof is in the pudding, right? New hires and recruits will be far more interested in what colleagues have to say than they are in hearing comments from the leadership team.


Without engaging elements in your visual presentation, your audience quickly will lose interest. Hold recruits’ attention during the company culture presentation by integrating motion to catch their eyes and redirect their focus. PowerPoint-alternative software options like make it simple to add motion to a slide deck by animating the content’s appearance on a slide and animating the transitions between them.

Updated templates

It’s important to frequently update the company culture deck to accurately communicate with the newest recruits, but you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Instead, create a company culture presentation template that can be edited and customized with ease any time new data becomes available. A variety of presentation design software tools like will let users save their templates to the cloud, easily accessing them for future use.


Another effective way to present a company’s culture can be achieved by involving an assortment of employees from across the organization to participate. Invite colleagues outside of the leadership team to create parts of the slide deck and present them. To adequately represent the company's true culture, contributors and presenters should be as diverse as the workplace itself and come from every rung of the corporate ladder.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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