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How to Create an Effective Customer Case Study Presentation

Jordan Turner
October 12, 2023
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How to Create an Effective Customer Case Study PresentationHow to Create an Effective Customer Case Study Presentation
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If you’ve ever been influenced on social media, you know the power of a good success story. The logic is simple: when you see how other people are leveraging a product or service to make their lives better and easier, you feel more compelled to try it for yourself. Case studies hold the same weight for businesses. A customer case study is a form of social proof that demonstrates different use cases and business solutions a product or service provides its existing customers. It instills confidence in your brand, making it easier to convert leads. Generally speaking, customers willing to participate in a case study are seasoned users, making them the best advocates for your brand. 

It’s not uncommon to see case study content live on a company’s website. The content is usually in written form, similar to a blog article. But customer case study presentations are becoming increasingly popular, and are used as a sales enablement resource to send to prospective clients. 

The benefits of a case study presentation

In its simplest form, a case study is a way to showcase and share social proof. For self-serve customers that find your website organically through a Google search, case studies provide real-world examples of how your product or service can solve their business problem(s). When they’re at the decision-making stage of the customer journey, a case study can be the difference between them pulling the trigger or continuing their search. 

Customer case study presentations can also be a great sales enablement tool to help sales teams close more deals. Case study presentations help keep your buyers’ engaged with highly relevant content that positions your offering as the best in class for their needs. Sales teams can communicate their product’s worth with real, tangible examples and increase the likelihood of converting a lead to a new customer. Specific case studies may be more relevant to one prospect’s needs than others, so the more case studies you have in rotation, the better. You might choose to create standalone case study decks for each customer, or compile a few case studies into one comprehensive presentation. 

How to create an effective customer case study presentation

A quality case study presentation illustrates real-world success using data. To pack a punch in your next customer case study presentation, keep these things in mind.

Start with a presentation template

It’s 2023, and gone are the days of starting a presentation from scratch. Who has time for that anymore? Start your customer case study presentation with a pre-built template so you can easily plug in your content and get the deck out the door faster.’s case study presentation is fully customizable, and carefully curated with everything you need to get started. 

Give some company background

If they’re viewing your customer case study presentation, chances are they’re familiar with your company and are interested in what you have to offer. However it’s worth including a slide with your company background: who you are, what you’re selling, and why it’s the solution to their unique pain point. Extra points if you include a quick product demo. 

Include past customers

In any case study, your customers are the star of the show. Including logos and relevant information, like company size and industry, of past or existing customers can help build your credibility in a case study presentation. Including a range of logos helps paint your offering as versatile, and not just something that provides value to any one team or company type. 

Provide specific examples

Let your customers’ story shape your own. Include specific examples of how they’re using your product or service within their industry, and how it has helped their business goals. Sharing examples unique to real users may inspire prospective customers to think of your offering in a new way, giving them more of a reason to buy. 

Use powerful quotes

A case study is essentially one big testimonial. Quotes from your existing customers can help provide prospective clients the assurance they need to make the final decision. Include powerful quotes that will speak to your audience— something that positions your offering as an invaluable solution.

Make it actionable

A customer case study presentation is meant to persuade new leads and prospects that what you're offering is the answer to their problem. But your efforts will be a dead-end road if you don’t call your audience to action at the end of the presentation. If you’re using this for lead generation, your call to action might be to set up a meeting or request a demo with the sales team. If the case study presentation is a resource on your website for organic traffic, you can prompt visitors to get started and sign up on their own. Either way, the CTA should guide interested parties to the next step.  

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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