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How To Ensure Your Team Finds and Uses The Right Content Always

Beautiful.AI Team
June 29, 2022
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How To Ensure Your Team Finds and Uses The Right Content AlwaysHow To Ensure Your Team Finds and Uses The Right Content Always
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Any professional can tell you the importance of company content. It includes things like (but is not limited to); a company logo, important data, or custom imagery and graphics. Nearly every department in a business will need to get their hands on content in one form or another, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easily accessible. 

When it comes to creating presentations, using the right content is crucial to maintaining professionalism and accuracy in a deck. But how can you ensure that your team finds and uses the correct, most up-to-date content?

In this blog we share five essential ways to keep your content consistent across all company decks. 

Make all company assets available to the team

Regardless of what your team is creating— sales collateral, marketing materials, or a presentation for the board— it’s important to set them up for success with the right assets. For visual storytelling, that means company approved imagery, custom icons or graphics, logos, or video. That might be distributed to the team in a shared drive (Dropbox works great here), or an easily accessible folder on their desktop. 

Shared themes

According to a 2021 survey, the majority of people agree that branding is important to the success of a presentation, making custom themes and branding control important features for teams. Providing a Shared Theme for your colleagues and partners to use in presentations helps to ensure that everything stays visually consistent from deck to deck. A Shared Theme encompasses things like company fonts, colors, and logos. 

In, once a theme is selected it is automatically applied to each slide within the deck. For teams, this makes implementing branding much more seamless and time efficient. 

Centralized, shared library 

You’ve heard the saying, too many cooks in the kitchen. When it comes to presentations that can easily translate to a hodgepodge of mismatched slides and inconsistencies in content. Giving your team access to a centralized library gives them a jumping off point to reference other company-approved decks or previously-used content. With one time design, teams can simply create a slide once, tag it, and their peers and colleagues can use it infinitely. Now the right slide is right in your presentation maker, so everyone can create applause-worthy decks without missing important bits of content. In a shared library everything lives under one roof in a single, searchable place and eliminates the back-and-forth of trying to track down content to add to a slide. 

Content control

If you’re deploying Shared Slides and libraries, content control becomes even more important to protect branding and data. In fact, over 60% of people surveyed say they create or work in templates with their peers, and would benefit from a shared library with content controls to protect branding. Content control helps keep every slide up to date so that everyone is viewing and using the most accurate data and information at all times. The moment new data comes in, team leaders can push it to multiple decks. With a single click, you can update old reports and save coworkers hours of editing and searching for content every week. 

Enable collaboration

Even with the most usable and available content, hiccups are bound to happen. Keeping communication and collaboration at the forefront of your design process is just as important as providing your team with the visual tools they need. Collaboration enables teams to provide feedback and sign-off on things in real-time, while also facilitating new ideas and unique ways to tell a story. Did your teammate use an outdated metric? Tag them on the slide and let them know instantaneously. 

In, everything’s on the cloud, so everyone’s always working on the same slide and deck at the same time. This makes collaboration more efficient and effective for everyone involved. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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