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How Can I Make My Team Presentation Stand Out in 2022?

Jordan Turner
December 16, 2021
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How Can I Make My Team Presentation Stand Out in 2022?How Can I Make My Team Presentation Stand Out in 2022?
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The million dollar question: how do I wow my audience? 

Over 60% of presenters say they started with a template the last time they used PowerPoint or Google Slides, but still weren't confident in their work. And while we understand the power of a good presentation template to help you craft something brilliant, there’s more you can do to bring that “wow” factor to your deck. We share a lot of presentation tips to help you put your best foot forward when it’s time to get in front of your audience, but presentation trends are constantly changing. As we get ready to ring in the new year, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. 

Try these seven things to make your team presentation stand out in 2022. 

Organize your story with 3 clear points

Starting with a story is nothing new. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, your story should always come before the deck design. This is true for 2022, and it will still be true in the years to follow. However when you and your team sit down to craft your story in Q1, try breaking it down into 3 main takeaways and then round each of those out with supporting points. Organizing your story with 3 clear points will help both you and your audience understand what you want them to take away from your presentation so that nothing is left up for interpretation. 

Don’t do it alone

It’s 2022, and gone are the days of siloed presentation decks. Every team member boasts their own unique set of skills and expertise, so it’s a missed opportunity to not tap into that. When your team has to create a deck, collaboration is your friend. By collaborating on a presentation you’re increasing both efficiency and the effectiveness of the deck. Each team member can add data or information relevant to their role so that you’re including the most up to date and meaningful content without lengthy email chains and versioning issues. 

Collaboration has never been more seamless for team members than it is in We recognize the importance of teamwork, which is why creating a Team plan was so important to us. With the Teams plan, colleagues have everything they need to design decks quickly, collaborate remotely, and stay on brand—all under one account.

Try videos instead of still images

With the rise of TikTok, and the increasing popularity of dynamic content, it’s no wonder people are replacing their still images with videos. The video trend isn’t limited to just social media. In 2022, try adding short clips or relevant videos to support your story in lieu of still photography. While images are a great tool for retention, video will engage your audience in new ways and make your team’s presentation stand out like never before. 

Ask meaningful questions at the right time

It’s common for a speaker to open the floor up for questions at the end of a presentation, but don’t shy away from asking the audience questions, too. It could be a simple “raise your hand if xyz” to get the audience engaged and involved right before your team shares a meaningful piece of data on the next slide, or a pop quiz question to gamify the experience. Either way, getting them involved makes it more conversational so that they’re more likely to pay attention to the information you’re sharing.

Design your deck for persuasion

There are many different types of presentations, but the most popular are informational and persuasive. If you really want your team’s presentation to stand out in 2022, design your deck for persuasion. Going through the motions to reach the finish line won’t result in wins. Persuasive presentations often present a problem and explain their solution using data to convince the audience to take action. In 2022, try leading with persuasion. Whether you’re trying to persuade your boss to give your team more budget, or you’re trying to seal the deal with a prospective client, put persuasion at the forefront of your message and let the story follow.

Add music, or other supporting audio

Music and other audio— like voice overs or narrating important quotes— can evoke emotion from the audience that other content can’t. By inserting audio clips on a slide, you’re leveling up your content. It’s not a coincidence that people listen to soothing music while they study for a big exam. In fact, studies have shown that listening to music can help with memory retention. Try adding a short tune to your introduction slide, or a quote from the CEO of your company in the middle of the presentation to humanize your story. makes adding audio easy. Simply click the Animations icon on the left side menu and choose Import Audio Track or Record Audio to make your presentation stand out from the rest. 

Create buzz on social media

Your presentation doesn’t stop after your final “thank you” on stage. In fact, shareable links are a good way to get residual views on your presentation. You should use a link to send your deck out to your audience as a follow up so that they can reference your information on their own time, at their own discretion. But in 2022 that’s not enough. If your presentation doesn’t have any proprietary content, you might consider sharing it out on social media, too. Not only does this get more eyeballs on your story, it can help generate more buzz around your topic, industry, or company. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.