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The 10 Presentation Templates Founders Need For Their Startups

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November 3, 2022
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The 10 Presentation Templates Founders Need For Their StartupsThe 10 Presentation Templates Founders Need For Their Startups
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Entrepreneurs and startup founders are no strangers to presentations. When you’re trying to get your new business off the ground, communication is at the forefront of your strategy. Presentations act as a vessel to deliver your story to business counterparts, partners, or investors. Between pitches, business plans, and board meetings there is no shortage of presentation decks in any given stage of a startup. 

These 10 customizable presentation templates are essential for startup founders looking to scale their business and gain some traction. 

Small business plan presentation

Small business plans are an essential first step towards the success of your startup company. Small business plan presentations serve as a strategic blueprint you can share with potential investors, possible partners, and interested parties. You’ll need an overview of your business’s goals, basic strategy, marketing tactics, finances, and a profitability forecast, etc. A comprehensive and well-prepared presentation will instill confidence in your audience. Our small business plan example will help you bring structure to and build interest in your organization’s strategy. Convey your company’s potential for success, get funding, and build partnerships using our small business plan presentation. 

Our small business plan presentation template can help your new company secure funding, solidify partnerships, and outline company goals. 

Startup pitch deck

A pitch deck is an essential fundraising tool, whether you’re looking to raise $100,000 or $100,000,000. Every startup needs a great pitch deck that talks about their mission, business plan, and company overview. Whether you’re searching for seed funding, growing your company to meet demand, or starting to develop new products, a startup pitch deck will help you reach your funding goals. 

Our startup pitch deck template can help founders tell their story and secure seed funding, raise Series A, B, and C funding, or act as a visual aid to guide your story.

Series A pitch deck

When you run a startup with the latest and greatest new idea, you need funding. To get funding, you need to prove to investors that your business is worth supporting. Raising money for your startup is challenging at any stage, from seed funding to Series A, B, and C funding. Series A financing allows start-up companies to expand their operations, hire more staff, buy equipment and pursue its growth objectives. Use our Series A presentation to make sure you get the funding you need.

Our Series A presentation can delve into your startup idea, explain how you’ll monetize your business, and share market data to support your plan. 

Investor presentation

Any young business will need to entertain conversations with investors at some point in order to get their company in motion. An investor presentation provides structure for startup teams to outline their strengths and goals to help generate buzz for their company. A successful investor presentation will get founders through to the next meeting with investors, ultimately resulting in raising money. Startup founders can tell their story better with’s investor presentation example.   

Our investor template can also help you compile your company’s goals, milestones, and business plan in a clear and concise way, communicate your story with board members or potential investors, and act as a reference point for future rounds of funding.

Board meeting presentation

Preparing for your next board meeting? Make an impression by putting together an impactful presentation with’s customizable board meeting presentation template. Our template will help you host a productive, efficient board meeting that reflects on company progress, refines goals, and celebrates company wins.

Use a board meeting presentation to align on key company initiatives, share updates with the board, or evaluate campaigns or goals.

Market research

Organizations of all sizes use market research to analyze and better understand their market. With that knowledge, they can plan or adjust their business operations going forward. Market research is essential for core business, but also for the growth of a startup company trying to find their footing. The market research presentation can be the toughest step in the market research process, but it’s usually the most important. 

Use our market research presentation template to propose a customer research project, present research findings to stakeholders and investors, and inform future strategies based on customer research.

Product roadmap presentation

Make your next product roadmap presentation your most impressive one yet with our customizable template. Perfect for bringing your vision to life, this product roadmap template has all the essential elements for a successful pitch: vision and strategy, goals and objectives, launch timelines, and more. Whether you’re pitching to investors or training an in-house development team, you can easily tailor our product roadmap template to any audience. 

Our product roadmap template can also help you pitch new products to investors and customers, visualize the trajectory of research and development work, and inform and educate your sales team of up-and-coming products.

Product launch strategy presentation

You have a new product idea, now what? A product launch presentation is used to help get your new product off the ground and into the hands of the consumers as seamlessly as possible. Teams can strategize how and when to launch their new product with the help of’s product launch presentation example.  

Our customizable template has everything startup founders need for a product launch strategy presentation like timeline and budget details. A successful product launch presentation can help internal teams and partners— like investors— align on things like new product ideas, stages, and go to market strategies. 

Go to market strategy presentation

A go to market strategy, or GTM strategy, explains the process needed to break into a new market or a new audience, step by step. You can use a go to market strategy for a new product launch, new service offering, a startup launch, or a brand relaunch. It’s similar to a marketing plan, but with a narrower, more detailed focus on one of your products or services. This is a great way for startup founders to align on their goals and ensure the launch is properly planned out. 

Use our go to market presentation template to outline your business strategy, validate timing, target audience, and market, and inform all teams about the go to market strategy.

Budget proposal presentation

It’s not enough to come up with a list of goals or brainstorm a list of ideas for your business. You have to map out how you’ll accomplish those goals or make your ideas come to life… within a reasonable budget. Especially for a scrappy startup team with minimal resources. 

When you need to make a case to investors for additional resources, a budget proposal presentation is an essential tool. Your presentation should explain your idea, what obstacles you may come across, and why your desired budget is necessary for your project or business. 

Company overview presentation

Every company has a unique story to tell. However, it can be difficult to put together a beautiful presentation that tells your story effectively and looks great at the same time. Our company overview template is the answer. With this presentation template, you can share your company’s philosophy, specific goals, team members, products or services, plans for the future, and more.’s company overview template is perfect for startup founders rounding out their business, potential customer or investor pitches, and new hire orientations as they start to build out a team. 

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