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Video for Sales: How Teams Can Use Multimedia to Supercharge Sales Assets Across the Organization

Jordan Turner
April 6, 2021
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Video for Sales: How Teams Can Use Multimedia to Supercharge Sales Assets Across the OrganizationVideo for Sales: How Teams Can Use Multimedia to Supercharge Sales Assets Across the Organization
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about videos? Approximately 65% of people are visual learners, which is more than double the 30% that learn by simply listening. Furthermore, 70% more information is retained after 3 days of being exposed to it when there are visuals involved. With those statistics in mind, it’s no wonder that visual assets are an important component to any presentation (regardless of subject matter). But which visual assets are right for your story?

Videos are the new photos. You heard it here first. In 2021, you’ll see videos come out on top as the superior content in presentations. Why? With the visual and auditory sense combined into one asset, it’s much more engaging. Facebook alone boasts over 8 billion videos a day, so it shouldn’t be shocking that 87% of online marketers have moved to using video for marketing efforts. But you don’t have to be a marketer to include video in your presentations. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of sales teams opt for videos in place of static photos in their sales pitches, too. 

There’s a lot at stake for a sales pitch— will you close the deal or lose the business? As such, presentation design matters. In order to deliver an effective sales pitch presentation, you need to keep the audience engaged with each slide. Insert: video for sales. 

Video for sales

You know the drill: lead generation, outreach, pitch, follow-up. Rinse and repeat. Sounds mundane, right? Sales attempts can easily fall short with a stale delivery. So how can teams use multimedia to supercharge sales assets across the organization? Here are three easy ways to incorporate multimedia into your next sales pitch. 

Supporting videos

Instead of adding an image to highlight a key point, try incorporating video instead. We favor videos over photos because they tend to be more sympathetic, engaging, structured, surprising, and it tells a story. The right inspirational video for sales people can evoke emotion, all while educating the audience. This could be a company marketing video, a personal video from the CEO, or a story of the business. The unexpected asset will give viewers more insight into the company, and why it might be a good fit for them. 

Product demonstrations

The best way to learn is by doing. Take your prospects through a live demonstration of the product or service. Tailor your video to meet their specific needs, industry, and business so they can picture themselves and their team using your offering down the road. By showing them exactly what your company does, and how it would benefit them, they’re a lot more likely to sign up or register at the end of the presentation. 

Testimonials or social proof

Another way to incorporate video for sales is through social proof. Pre-recorded testimonials give your sales pitch a little more credibility in the eyes of the prospects. Pick 3-5 power-users, and ask them to share how they’ve leveraged your product to grow their business. Putting your pitch into perspective with social proof will help you gain the trust of your potential customers, and will help them feel more confident about your offerings. 

Engaging the audience with dynamic animations

Even if you’ve just designed the best looking deck you’ve seen to date, bullet points will only get you so far. Using rich visuals and dynamic animations can help take your deck to the next level, ultimately resulting in a more successful call-to-action. While videos are great to include, subtle animations are an easy way to help direct your audience’s attention to each slide

Bring data to life

Data is a story that can help support your overarching message, but it can also bore your audience into a slumber. That’s the opposite of what a sales pitch should do, right? Dynamic animations can help bring your data to life. Our custom animations make your statistics more engaging on smart slides like the radial bar chart or stacked bar charts and might be used to showcase competitive analysis, success rates with your product, or growth over time. 

Choose infographics that inspire 

Between our most-popular pictographs and infographics, there are countless ways to choose slides that will inspire new prospects. Some of our best animated infographics include the percentage comparison template and our arrow bars graph— both of which can be used to share insightful statistics that will help you close the deal. You might use an infographic to show the number of companies using your product or service, to showcase specific demographics, or pricing. 

Add GIFs to the mix

GIFs are simply animated images— not quite a photo, but not yet a video. GIFs are great because they’re easy to incorporate into slides with accompanying text, but they’re a little more dynamic than a static image would be. You might include a GIF to highlight a key takeaway, finesse a slide with bullet points, or on your final call-to-action page.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and content strategist.