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Why Your Team Needs Presentation Management

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March 16, 2020
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Why Your Team Needs Presentation ManagementWhy Your Team Needs Presentation Management
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Presentations do a lot of the heavy lifting for many companies, from pitching ideas for startups to proposing a new marketing campaign, and even onboarding new employees. A strong presentation effectively supports what the presenter is saying, illustrating the points they’re making without diverting too much attention.

Just because presentations aren’t the star of the show doesn’t mean they don’t need to be good, or that they don’t need to be managed well. A presentation has to look engaging and share the right info with your audience. Plus, if you’re consistently making presentations, you don’t want them to go to waste or get lost in cloud services or drives! That’s just one of the reasons why many businesses need a presentation management system.

What is presentation management?

Presentation management is a system for creating, storing, and sharing presentations in teams. If you don’t have a current presentation management system, you’re probably keeping your work on thumb drives, in multiple cloud services, or simply saving it to your desktop. It may be easier to save your presentation on the fly this way, but you may be creating more work for yourself in the future. Let’s talk about why you need presentation management below.

Why you need a presentation management system


What happens when you need to find an old document to use as a reference for a new presentation? Or you need to share some of your slides with your team members? If you can’t remember where you saved it, you waste valuable time searching through drives and different cloud services to find it. 

Presentation management solves those issues by keeping all presentations in one place. Anyone on your team can find the presentation they’re looking for and repurpose the content if needed. Since you don’t have to create a brand new presentation from scratch, that saves your team even more time. 

Plus, presentations that are used often, like new hire orientation slides or company policies, should be kept in a centralized location that’s easy to access.

Easy collaboration

Imagine you’re in a meeting, getting ready to speak, and you notice that you’ve loaded up an old version of your presentation. Whoops! It’s an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re using outdated software, but it’s also an easy mistake to avoid. 

Good presentation management means keeping track of all your versions, as well as revision history for each presentation. With the right tools, you can even collaborate in real time with certain features, making feedback easy to read and respond to. This ability to collaborate is even more important when you’re working across departments. Things can get messy when more people are involved, and a presentation management system keeps work organized and maintains balance between teams.

Consistent branding

Your organization likely already has a brand style guide, which tells everyone in the company how exactly to communicate your brand. Components like target audience, purpose, personality, values, and visuals are all established in your brand style guide.

If you’re not looking at your guide while building your presentation, though, it’s easy to stray from your company’s style. Presentation management helps you keep details like your brand voice, images, and messaging consistent across all your presentations. 

Easy customization

Even better, some presentation management systems have ready-made themes that you can customize for your brand. When you have customized presentation themes ready to go and available to use, most of your presentation is already done. All your team members have to do is plug in their information and make sure it looks and sounds good.

What if your company naturally evolves into a different kind of brand? Do you have to dive into your various cloud services and drives to update your presentations? Not if you have one presentation management system. All you’d need to do is update your customizations and brand style choices within the system to reflect your company’s growth.

Reporting and analytics

When your presentation is over, your work isn’t done yet. Presentation management that offers reporting and analytics features can give you valuable, actionable data to work with. Who downloaded images or videos from your presentation? How many views or shares has it gotten? Which slides made the most impact on viewers? This data gives you insight into which presentations work well and which need improvement.

Manage and organize your presentations with

Now that you know why you need presentation management, it’s time to start getting your presentations organized with With your membership, you can build beautiful presentations from our easy-to-use templates, collaborate and share them with team members, and store all your work in one location. Get started with today.

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