GoSite Engages Remote Teams through Visual Storytelling

GoSite, a web platform that helps businesses stay connected and go virtual, executes high impact presentations and increases productivity with remote teams by using Beautiful.ai.

In a digital world, nearly everything has moved to the Internet. Even brick and mortar companies founded in the early 2000s are expected to have an online presence in 2020. GoSite, a web platform, helps businesses of all sizes go virtual so they can thrive in any environment. The team builds cloud technology that helps businesses stay connected with new and repeat customers through websites, payments, scheduling, and messaging. A company like GoSite understands the importance of a strong virtual presence, which is why they turn to Beautiful.ai for presentations.  

GoSite’s director of sales development, Riley Harbour, discovered Beautiful.ai when searching for a Google Slides alternative that offered a slide to represent their organization structure (an org chart). Beautiful.ai was recommended to Riley by colleague James Labastida, VP of Revenue Operations. “Once James introduced me to Beautiful.ai I took it from there, saw all the capabilities, loved the user interface, and saw how I could facilitate content for my teams in a very professional manner with ease of convenience,” Riley said. Since making the switch to Beautiful.ai, the GoSite team has used it for internal compilations and meetings such as org charts, promotions, job descriptions, and prepping for board meetings, as well as putting together external pitch decks on their emerging markets team. The interface has been a game changer for a company that is well versed in the digital world. 

Increasing sales in a remote environment

Having strong virtual assets has never been as important as it is now in our new remote environment. More specifically, sales teams have been forced to up-level their presentations when they can’t physically be in the same room as their potential clients. Presentations have become a necessary component to help facilitate leads and lead generation. The need to capture clients’ attention with stunning presentations has grown as offices transitioned to be more remote. Beautiful.ai has helped GoSite’s sales representative save time, while creating professional and on-brand decks, so they can focus their energy on converting more deals. Once the foundation is set with a Beautiful.ai template, it’s easy for each rep to make quick edits and customize the deck for different clients. “Being able to modify some of our pitch decks to be industry specific, and then have them readily available to the team, is something that's been awesome for us,” Riley adds. 

A major must-have for GoSite is the sharable player links. It’s easy to quickly collaborate and share a presentation with Beautiful.ai. The ability to be able to send decks to clients via a shared link saves the team 15 to 30 minutes every time when they don’t have to export and upload the attachment via email. Not only is it easy to share, it’s easy to track metrics, too. GoSite can manage the effectiveness and impact of their presentations by viewing the analytics of each deck from within the Beautiful.ai dashboard.

"Clients will often say, ‘Wow, you always have the best slide decks. How did you put that together?’ And they don't realize that it took me 15 minutes before the meeting."

Riley Harbour, Director of Sales Development, GoSite

View GoSite's presentation here.

Onboarding Remote Teams made easy with Beautiful.ai

Beyond the obvious client-facing presentations, GoSite also relies on Beautiful.ai to onboard their own remote teams. With a growing sales and service team, it was important for them to find a way to scale the onboarding process of new employees when they can’t be in the office to do so face-to-face. We can all admit that it’s hard to keep teams engaged from behind a screen without a “wow” factor. Being remote has increased the value of virtual storytelling exponentially for GoSite, and Beautiful.ai makes the process more seamless. 

James asked himself, "I don't have the benefit of the office, so how do we tell a story to keep people engaged? How do we keep that fun, dynamic, creative culture in place for our new hires?" The answer: Beautiful.ai. In this new normal being able to understand the value of storytelling is probably one of most missed opportunities by companies. Having Beautiful.ai as a crutch to make meetings—whether it be external such as board meetings or internal like onboarding new hires—a little bit more fun and engaging, yet professional, is critical for the GoSite team. 

Making an impact with dynamic features

Capturing clients’ attention with animations is another fundamental benefit of Beautiful.ai. “I actually didn't completely understand the value of animations that your product does so well. It's so much more powerful than a static image. The way charts or numbers will dynamically move along and come to life, I think that was definitely one of the selling points of the product,” James Labastida said. Being able to make that impact with subtle animations was a major benefit. 

The Timeline Smart Slide template is one of James’ favorites. The ability to be able to keep clients on their toes can be the different between closing a deal and not. Using animations in a presentation instead of a static slide helps to keep them engaged and focused on the story in front of them— which is all any presenter can hope for. 

Riley Harbour adds, "Clients will often say, ‘Wow, you always have the best slide decks. How did you put that together?’ And they don't realize that it took me 15 minutes before the meeting because I forgot to have content prepared. But it's formatted so professionally that it tells the story and it does it well.”

Between the impact of animations, efficiency, and ease of use, Beautiful.ai helps GoSite nail their visual storytelling and scale their productivity with remote teams.