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Go to Market Strategy Example

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A go to market strategy, or GTM strategy, explains the process needed to break into a new market or a new audience, step by step. You can use a go to market strategy for a new product launch, new service offering, a startup launch, or a brand relaunch. It’s similar to a marketing plan, but with a narrower, more detailed focus on one of your products or services.

A go to market strategy presentation ensures that your new product or service launch is properly planned out.

Use our go to market presentation template to:

  • Outline your business strategy
  • Validate timing, target audience, and market
  • Inform all teams about the go to market strategy

Build your Go to Market Strategy Presentation

Each slide in your go to market strategy presentation has an important role to play. Graphics such as comparison charts, bullet lists, graphs, timelines, and sales funnels can help to illustrate your data. Each of these options is available with your go to market presentation template and can be added in an instant.

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Pro Tips for a Go to Market Strategy Presentation

Customize your go to market strategy presentation with these tips in mind.

Make use of graphics

There’s a lot of data to cover in these types of presentations. Use graphics like timelines, scatter plots, bar graphs, or a SWOT analysis to make your data easily digestible.

Keep your slides uncluttered

Stick to one topic or idea per slide. If you try to add too much content to one slide, you’ll overwhelm your audience.

Check your data

Your strategy involves analysis of your target audience, market fit, competition, and so on. Make sure your data is up to date and accurate before moving forward.

Add to your presentation deck

If you need additional slides to compare data, display tables, share pull quotes, or display word clouds, add them to your presentation.