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New Hire Onboarding Template

Use This Template

New employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new hire with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the specific team they’ll be working with. There’s a lot of information to share with new hires on their first day and beyond: what the company is all about, what they can expect to do and who to work with, and so much more. Having all of that information conveyed in a template helps to standardize the onboarding process across the organization.

Our new hire onboarding template keeps everything organized for you and new employees who are starting their journeys. With this template, you can create roadmaps for one month to six months out to ensure your new hires are set on the right path.

Use the new hire onboarding template to:

  • Introduce new hires to the company
  • Help onboarding run more consistently across teams and functions
  • Standardize the knowledge base all new employees will have upon finishing orientation
  • Check in with new employees periodically

Customize your New Hire Onboarding Presentation

Give new hires all the information they need in a thoughtful, comprehensive new hire onboarding presentation. Make it memorable: use images, graphs, timelines, and charts to illustrate the information you’re sharing with new hires. In your new hire onboarding presentation try to include slides such as:

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Tips For Designing Your New Hire Onboarding Presentation

Create an effective, memorable new hire onboarding presentation by following the tips below.

Think about your new hires’ needs

What do your new hires need to know most on their first day? Start with the key essentials they’ll need to be successful in their role, and then work down to secondary and tertiary needs from there. Include the most relevant information in your slides.

Include specific information for remote employees

There’s a lot of information to digest on the first day at a new job, especially for fully remote or hybrid workers who may not be in a physical office every day. Make sure that your remote hires feel included by relaying information about company VPNs, remote team building events, collaboration and chat platforms, and anything else that might be relevant.

Make it exciting

Get your new hires excited about joining the company! Include fun facts about the team, talk about company perks, and sprinkle some personality into the presentation.

Choose powerful imagery

Picking the right photos and images is essential to the overall success of your presentation. Add photos of team members so new hires know whom to connect with.