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Market Research Presentation

Use This Template

Organizations use market research to analyze and better understand their market. With that knowledge, they can plan or adjust their business operations going forward. Market research is essential for core business, but also for the growth of a company. The market research presentation can be the toughest step in the market research process, but it’s usually the most important. 

Use our market research presentation template to:

  • Propose a customer research project
  • Present research findings to stakeholders and investors 
  • Inform future strategies based on customer research

Create your Market Research Presentation

To help you illustrate your points, you might add timelines, flowcharts, graphs, and images to your slides. Each of these options can be added to your market research presentation template in an instant. Some slides to include in your market research presentation are:

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Pro Tips for your Market Research Presentation

Consider these tips when customizing your market research presentation template.

Use an outline for your slides

Create a general outline of what you want to say in your market research presentation by labeling your slides first.

Don’t rely on text only

Graphs and charts can be highly effective in communicating lots of data, which is a natural element of a market research presentation. Use visuals to present your numbers.

Include an executive summary

Explain why the research was conducted, what you’ve found, what the results mean, and what the organization should do next.

Explain next steps

What is the ultimate conclusion you’ve drawn from your research? Present next steps at the end that gives everyone an idea of what needs to be done.