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Netflix Pitch Deck

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Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, with over 167 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. Netflix subscribers enjoy TV series, documentaries, and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages.

In 2009 Netflix released the now-famous 125-slide presentation on company culture created by Patty McCord, Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer at that time. The original Netflix pitch deck spelled out what it means to be a part of the culture at Netflix, but it warranted a more modern (and strategic) redesign.

See the Netflix Pitch Deck Redesigned With

A well-designed pitch deck template can seal the deal for the growth of your project or startup. It's important to craft a document worthy of attention to achieve your goals. As we did for the Netflix pitch deck redesign, you might add lists, graphs, charts, and imagery to your own pitch deck template. Here are some slides you could include in a presentation similar to the Netflix pitch deck:

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Pro Tips for Creating Your Own Netflix Pitch Deck

We’ve taken cues from top startups who’ve raised money from angel investors and created a culture so strong that everyday consumers recognize it. Here are some tips and tricks to consider if you want to pull of a presentation as good as the Netflix pitch deck:

Keep it short

Anticipate what your investors need to know and hit those key points up front. If your presentation is too long, you’ll start to lose your audience’s attention (and money).

Create a narrative

Make sure your slides are ordered in a way that flows naturally. A typical way to present information is often an overview followed by specific details.

Use visual aids

Use graphics, photos, carts, and videos to bring your story to life. Visuals capture your audience’s interest and can help you tell your story in impactful, memorable ways.

Leave investors wanting more

Your startup pitch deck should spark interest, leaving investors hungry for more information about your company. Don’t give away too much in your presentation.